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If it hits $69m today (which is, let's be clear, very unlikely), all bets are off, because that would match or beat TFA's Saturday number.  
 All of this.
Burtt's also the guy who cut Williams' Ep II score to shit and buried the Death Star attack music in the 2004 DVD because he thought sound FX were more important.
 For what it's worth, TLJ is down -21% from TFA's Thursday previews, but only down -4% from its "true" Friday number.  That's a good sign. It's going to have a much heavier fall next weekend, though, because Christmas Eve falls on Sunday and that's the worst box office day of the year.
$104.8M opening day, A CinemaScore. With numbers like that, Kathleen Kennedy’s days at Lucasfilm are numbered!* *in the thousands, probably
To be fair, the difference is the originals created their universe.  By the time of TFA, we've covered something like 50 years of history without this dude so much as having been mentioned, and suddenly he's the big bad heir to the Empire. But I still fully support taking him out the way the film did, because the way the film weaponized expectations was brilliant.
Gray-Haired Bearded Resistance General was in TFA.  WTF people, step up your geek game.
 Yeah, but a Force-sensitive girl who had a hard life being good at stuff is because she wasn't abandoned by "special" parents.
They are. We're also allowed to laugh at them for being drama queens.
 Between Obi-Wan and Yoda, Luke got something like 3 days worth of training.
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