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Blockity block block!
Managed to snag the Blu-Ray from Best Buy yesterday, and rewatched the first 2 episodes last night. The A/V quality is stunning.
And he was in the next drive. That concussion protocol is really doing good and valuable work. Wentz torn left ACL.
Yeah, he's the same gross bag of shit he was before being elected. Sitting on his ass watch cable news is doing far more damage to his health than "governing."
This isn't even a rhetorical question. Of course they aren't.
I'm going to write fan-fic about Medical Examiner Talbot's stand-up comedy career.
There's a moment during the making-of when a staff member suggests a way to make a scene shorter. Lynch ain't havin' it.   For those who wish some of the scenes were shorter: hey, Lynch's crew tried!
By 5-to-4 vote, Supreme Court lets Trump administration shield documents in cases challenging DACA termination - Neat. As for that shitshow last night: Our country is being dismantled by the stupidest people in the world.
Whew, thank goodness....Alabama Republicans LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Gloria Allred.
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