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I would hope the FOX News poll is accurate.   I mean at minimum, the accused child molester should lose by 10 points.   Listening to talk radio ( I really should stop this), the trend seems to be that they are choosing to not believe the one about the 14 year old and can live with him hitting on 16 year old girls because that's creepy but legal.      My guess is that it will be much closer because people who are going to vote for Roy Moore isn't going to tell anyone...
Literally the only standard for Republicans is if the candidate has a pulse and will vote red. Many have admitted it.
The British series holds the answer to the Spacey problem. I also like him being blown up mid-monologue.
The Frozen short was very obviously a repurposed TV holiday special. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the Sofia the First crew was on this mess. God, Sofia the First is horrible.
The Supreme Court just ruled that the Muslim Ban is A-Okay.   So that sucks.
Got excited but I bet Michael Flynn Jr. could get more than 400 followers. Was fooled as well. Russian bot?
If anything, today's news is going to light a fire under everyone's asses to get this passed before shit officially hits the fan.
DC TV is miles better than DC Movies. The first and second seasons of The Flash are damned solid entertainment and Legends of Tomorrow is a great superhero team up show. Give those guys a budget and look out.
I think what's so funny about Trump's comments about Warren is this idea that everyone calls her Pocahontas. No. Nobody calls her Pocahontas. Just Trump. Trump is trying to make "Fetch" happen.
Kingsman 2 was a good choice for worst film of the year. That probe up the vagina scene was gross on a whole other level. Some runners up... Bad Moms Christmas Boss Baby: Actually impressed with their commitment to the world building. It's crappy world building but I respect the effort. Emoji Movie: Still processing how this got made.
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