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They've already achieved what so many pros couldn't. They've disrupted the cycle we've been in with this nightmare. Being a dad, I automatically feel protective of these kids and then I realize the people they are up against are stupid. Like literally the stupidest people who have ever been elected to positions of power. That makes them dangerous but not invincible. The kids have got this. Let's offer help to them but it's their turn to lead.
I almost feel sorry for those chuckle heads. These kids are Smart and they're going to win.
Shuri definitely read as High School to me but I can buy that she's been aged up some for the MCU.   That being said, if she is High School age, then I'm shipping her and Peter Parker.
Let's put it this way. An honorable Democrat was worse than a child molester to them.
Guy wearing a t shirt that says Socialist Tears destroys his TV because comedians are saying mean things about Trump. Should someone explain the concept of irony to him?
So basically the Spore drive is put in storage until a computer powerful enough to run it can be made? I wonder if this will be retrofitted into Canon to explain the Time Ships from the future Federation?
I think Trump's will be straight forward but depending on the artist, it will be full of Easter eggs. Just like Clinton's.
I liked the episode (and the season) but it feels like this is a soft reboot of the series. All the cool and weird ideas introduced this season seem to have been neatly tucked away never to be spoken of again. This may delight several people that we will probably get a more standard Star Trek series next year but what I'll miss the real risk taking this season was willing to do with the franchise. I'll tune in next year for a few episodes and won't mind it if it is...
My guess is that if there is a power outage in San Junipero, there's a backup generator that speeds up the clock of that world to 1 million years or something (as opposed to real time so relatives can visit).   In White Christmas, it was used for torture but I imagine in this scenario, it would give people more than enough time to enjoy "eternity".   That or there's a subteranian backup system somewhere.
Pence always struck me as that Congressman in Parks and Recreation who stares at a wall and smiles blankly when he's not on TV.
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