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Airlines are buying back stocks now: 
I've never been much of a Bon Jovi fan, but Keep the Faith is an underrated 90s album.   I love Dire Straits and the same can be said for Mark Knopfler's solo material (Sailing to Philadelphia is a damn good album).  As already said, the Cars' debut album is fantastic - not a second wasted on that one.  Nina Simone has some fantastic albums (Little Girl Blue and Pastel Blues come to mind).    I've never delved too deep into the Moody Blues, but I've always liked them. ...
This is intense:  
Scott Pruitt and EPA aides went to Morocco for four days to promote natural gas exports:
Fox is now tweeting out opinions about how the FBI needs to be shut down "because it was turned into a KGB-type operation by the Obama administration."   They are getting reeealllly desperate over there.
The New York Times is reporting about some more potentially painful election days ahead for the GOP:   Rick Scott is reconsidering running for the U.S. Senate in Florida.   Rep. Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania might be leaving before his term is done, which would simply add to the pile of the many who've already decided to do this.   Republicans in...
We're getting more info on that Schumer forgery.  Charles Johnson and Mike Cernovich might've finally stepped in shit they can't get off their shoes:
Paul Davis would like to be the first Democratic Kansan in 10 years to join the House.  He just unveiled some proposals: 
Minnesota's replacement for Al Franken is its lieutenant governor, Tina Smith.  She plans on running again:
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