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 Slaughterhouse has some cool shots to go along with horror.  Rick Roessler never wrote or directed anything again, which is a shame.  I think he could've evolved into a pretty good artist.
Alaska still has a decent amount of Blockbusters.  I think Texas has a few.  Indiana has, at least, one:       Family Video is still around here in the States.  I can think of a few in Illinois, but none within driving distance for me to consider renting some stuff.  I know some mom & pop stores are still around too, but I've never visited them (also a little too far).
I caught Vince Staples at Lollapalooza a few years ago, and his set was one of the highlights of the festival.  Both of his studio albums are very good, but I've never listened to his EP's.
 Scott Walker noticed:  There were three other special races tonight.  Dems lost them all, but the districts were extremely red.  Dems saw big gains in all four races tonight:
The Medicaid expansion has been a big success in Kentucky, but Gov. Matt Bevin is threatening to get rid of it if he can't add work requirements:
Barry Lyndon (1975)  
Alright then:
Gov. Susana Martinez of New Mexico wants to give police officers immunity: 
 Greitens doesn't have a lot of Republican friends in the Missouri state legislature, so it'll be interesting to see how long of a list that turns out to be.
 I just caught that Rep. Matt Gaetz interview on Hayes' show tonight where he described Haiti as "sheet metal and garbage." After two years of Trump, it's pretty obvious that many Republicans gravitate towards this sort of language, but I will never not be shocked that the discourse on the conservative side of things has fallen so badly. 
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