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At 39-years-old, this man was too old to qualify for DACA, so here he is in Detroit saying goodbye to his family before ICE takes him on a plane to Mexico:     He was brought to the United States when he was ten-years-old.
The "shithole" comments had the desired effect, though, considering that Ann Coulter and other well-known Trump supporters went from losing faith to falling back in love:  
Tom Cotton and David Perdue switching from "I do not recall" to  calling Dick Durbin and Lindsey Graham liars is not surprising since Cotton's immigration ideas are essentially Trump's.  It's still a pretty dumb gamble.  How many Republicans have had this blow up in their faces already?  Trump could admit it tomorrow for all they know.   Republicans did not deserve to win in 2016, and they prove it everyday.  Trump might lie the most, but who in the party isn't lying?
I'm assuming Rockwell won't be back after that "F" bomb.  If true, that's too bad since he's the sort of-the-wall choice as guest host that I like to see.   Just seeing Murray is enough to make me happy, but I get the criticisms.  I was watching my cousin's dog that night, and it checked on me after my reaction of seeing Murray coming out of the robe.
The opening sequences of this film are wonderful.  I can see myself re-watching that Bowie intro for years to come.   The amount of detail that went into this is pretty insane, and I wished we got more of the various cultures.  I not sure exactly how one would do that without ballooning the running time to three hours, but dropping the romance stuff would be a start.
The White House office in charge of the opiod crisis is led by a 24-year-old known for embellishing his record:   Staff turnover is a hell of a thing.
Calling Trump a "racist" hurts immigration talks, says Rand Paul:   Hey, Rand, where were you back in December when Roy Moore was running for Senate?  You know, the guy you endorsed?
I know long Twitter threads aren't a favorite around here, but this one's essential:   It's about a man in a courthouse in Georgia, telling the story of a black man who was lynched in 1930.  The details are grotesque, but the white audience at the courthouse loved the story.   "They knew how to handle things back then."   Ugh.
This quick rundown on Haiti's history with other countries looking to abuse its people and resources should be shared everywhere:   Apologies if that's already been linked to, but I couldn't recall and felt it was too important to pass up.
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