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Terry McAuliffe is leaving office.  I was convinced he wouldn't be effective as Virginia's governor, but he proved me wrong: 
 It's definitely started, just based on this comment from an NPR listener: 
I know I've asked the question before, but it certainly seems relevant again: how do parents talk to their children about the words of the president?  
Permanent housing in Chicago hospitals for chronically-ill, homeless patients is keeping people healthier and safer.  It's also saving money: 
John D. Feeley, the current U.S. ambassador to Panama, is stepping down and citing that he can no longer serve under the Trump administration:
Bill Kristol spent most of his career making awful predictions, so his woke phase is approached with caution. Still, this was a good response to Trump's words:
Jeff Flake wasn't in the meeting, but he's confirming Trump's words since he's denying the wordage:
The military doesn't pack up and leave during government shutdowns, but don't let that stop you, Donald:  
I know I've brought it up before, but I keep going back to that old Hannity clip where he complained about Barack Obama's taste for spicy mustard like it was a disqualifying feature.     It's shocking where we are right now on so many levels.
Yeah, the opener was very, very bad.   I thought episode two was fine enough, but I get the feeling this season isn't done with the bad...
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