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Bad night to be this guy:  
If the Trump/Dem deal holds (never trust Trump until everything is signed, sealed, delivered and checked 3,000,000 times), Republicans are going to wish they didn't hate the Gang of 8 deal.   Marco Rubio must be flipping out.  As Twitter keeps reminding me, he got more concessions out of Schumer than Trump... if this is true.
The U.S. Office of Government Ethics is allowing White House staffers caught up in the Russia probe to accept anonymous gifts from lobbyists: 
Freddy's Dead is such a weird film, but that's by design with Rachel Talalay at the helm.  She worked with John Waters a few times, and she clearly has similar sensibilities.  I would never call it good, but I find it strangely watchable.     Tank Girl is better, though when it comes to Talalay's work.  I haven't seen Ghost in the Machine since the late 90s, and barely remember a thing about it.  
Sarah Huckabee Sanders walked the DACA talk back, but Trump hasn't.  Instead, he's just talking about Clinton's book.     Meanwhile, Breitbart is having a sad:     "Amnesty Don"
On this day in 1991, we lost him.       For a near-seven-year-old, Freddy sure did a lot of damage.
From the movie producer who brought you Government Plane to Watch Eclipse Atop Fort Knox Gold comes this fall's latest plane scandal, Government Plane for European Honeymoon or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance): 
Some good, bipartisan news out of the House: 
Damn, WD, that's rough.  I'm glad you're okay.
McConnell is hoping to get rid of more Senate norms that he loved when Obama was president: 
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