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 Walter Shaub thinks something might be coming: 
130%, we can probably manage.
 Probably not until after November 2018. But if it happens, the midterms are gonna be a total GOP holocaust, compared to the "mere" likely wipeout that they're currently projected to be at the moment.
John Heilemann stating on MSNBC just now that there are rumblings that Andrew McCabe, the Deputy Director of the FBI, is going to be fired by Trump sometime between now and Tuesday.   ...The fun just keeps on coming.
 Indeed, and I'm basically almost hoping it happens, if only for the massive shitstorm it will unleash. Almost.
Rep. Adam Schiff being interviewed by Nicolle Wallace on MSNBC right as I type this, and he's basically fully expecting Mueller to get fired, and congressional Republicans to shut down the House and Senate investigations very soon, here.
Looks like a brand-new Trump-accuser has just come forward:  
Also, Obama now 6-0 on the endorsement front.
Chester the Molester refuses to concede because "God's will hasn't been done." These rightwingers who think anything they do is OK because God is on their side should burn in hell -- even though, as John Lee Hooker has observed, "There ain't no heaven. There ain't no hell."
 Yup. Complete sentences, a coherent thought articulately penned, no misspellings, magnanimity in loss, no namecalling. Yeah, the Ignorant Orange Tub of Shit™ wrote that like he wrote The Art of the Deal.
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