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Feh. All I know is that MAYHEM CLASH is on rotation this week in D1, so that's where I'll be.   COME GET SOME
And when the wheels do fall off, they'll continue to move forward Fred Flintstone style on two bare feet.
Tickets bought for 2D IMAX showing Saturday. Our IMAX is alternating 3D and 2D showings, which is the first time I've seen that happen for a movie here. I love it.
That Miami game was a trap game. If Joe Flacco can light up the Steelers, what do you think Brady is going to do when No. 1 seed is on the line?
Exactly. And have you guys seen Zero Hour? No way a remake of that would be ANY good at all, no matter who you have helming it.
I was on the road today, so I had to listen to the entire Jags game on the radio instead of watching it.   YES the dickhead jags fans who threw shit at Jefferson are assholes and should be banned from future NFL games.   BUT fuck those Seattle defenders for pulling a Schiano and diving at guys in the victory formation, not once but twice. When Pete Carroll has to come out on the field, take a 15-yard flag and tell you to cut that shit out, you know you fucked up. 
Army/Navy is my favorite day of the year. Love everything associated with the game, and Jeff Monken helping Army end the streak last year means a lot of renewed vigor with the rivalry this year.   Getting to an Army/Navy game is one of my bucket list items.
Then rejoice - they have wrapped filming of Season 3 ! So it's sooner than you think. I am also about half way through Persepolis Rising. After the initial shock of the jump, it's starting to get going and the pace is tighter than a couple of others in the series. Plus the return of  [[SPOILER]] was fabulous.
Top seed in the CHUD league, which comes with a first round bye. Just in time for Rob Gronkowski's one-game suspension. Ah, the charmed life.
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