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Has Geno Smith always been this stupid, or did that punch from Enemkpali break more than his jaw?
He was a good lad. Took his lung full of air like a right proper man. I added him amongst my friends.
No new QB for you.
Odell Brewing had a little contest on Twitter to promote their new Settle Down Brown Ale. I Photoshopped a joke response just for laughs, and they loved it. So, they hooked me up with a bunch of cool shit.  
Just saw this last night, and I'm in the same boat as Waaaaaaaalt. I'm kicking myself for having not seen it in the theater, but most of the reason I didn't is because I don't love the original. 2049 actually justifies the first film for me. I'll take all due flack for that sacrilege. The original film is good for its insane production values and attempts at exploring the question of what it means to be human. But 2049 ramps it up beautifully. And for the record, I don't...
 Let's get waist deep into this. Coogler is what this new Star Wars trilogy needed. Not JJ Abrams who's able to mimic the style and aesthetic of a franchise but come up short in terms of heart and depth. Not Rian Johnson who felt the need to subvert every single expectation purposefully because he has a misguided conception these films' identity. What this franchise needed to reboot itself was Coogler, who was able to convince Stallone himself to let him take over his baby...
It would explain why Thanos is attacking Wakanda of all places in the Infinity War trailer.
I'm sorry, guys. I just can't get over the fact that our fucking President thinks that the solution to school shootings is to put more guns in the school and pay teachers more to be armed guards.   How in the ever-living motherfuck is that the solution to gun violence? What fucking bizarro Berenstein/Berenstain Bears alternate universe have I stumbled into?
That's right.
I saw the trailer, and I kept waiting for the punchline. It looks like a Funny or Die gag that just... never... reveals itself. YouTube probably saw what Netflix did with Fuller House and Voltron said "Hey, people like the 80s! That's how we'll get people to watch our premium service!"  
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