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Not only arrested with prostitutes but arrested for assaulting a prostitute. The rest of the allegations are sad and unfortunate if true -- but Sapp? Yeah, the default on that is "He almost definitely probably did that shit."
 Fuck it. Ignore all my previous reservations about a shared universe and mutants not working, if this becomes possible. Worth it.
I still haven't gotten past episode 4. Maybe I'll try and finish it during holiday break from work.   But I could have easily skipped Iron Fist after hating the first few episodes, skipped The Defenders after hating the first few episodes and straight up not missed out on anything. Becoming less and less of a completionist as I get older is pretty liberating.
A former stylist at NFL Network is accusing basically every former NFL player on or previously on the payroll of sexual harassment. Also an executive, the talent manager and several others. Ike Taylor, Marshall Faulk and Heath Evans have all been suspended from the network, pending investigations. She says she's got photos and videos they've sent her.   The woman is also suing for wrongful termination damages after being fired on grounds that she was stealing clothing...
Bye week is over and it's down to brass tacks. Do I trust whatever the fuck is happening with Brady to clear up in time for a big game against Pittsburgh, or do I scrounge up something on the waivers, hoping to break 10 points with a QB?
Cutty trying to quiet the crowd in Miami is sad. It ain't Fins fans making the noise, dude.
Is the DLC what's affecting Arcite 99-40 in The Farm? He was the vendor you turned your gunsmith bits to in return for engrams. Now, it's locked and he doesn't give you anything.
 Don't give them ideas to keep this show going for another five years, Brad.
So, his ass cheeks say Putin, right?
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