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Yeah, hating entire groups of people is not only wrong, but lazy.   There are plenty of SPECIFIC people worth devoting your bile to!
 But we would have been wrong. Personally, I think knowing these people exist is better than blissful ignorance while the people around them suffer quietly. Plus, a couple hundred years ago, we'd put that number at... what, 75%? Higher? People that truly believed that blacks and/or women were nothing more than chattel. Fast forward to 80 years ago and the number wouldn't be much lower. It seems to me that the percentage of truly repugnant people in our society is... USA Today's full editorial. This is a paper/site that rarely picks sides. But when they do, it appears they go for the jugular.  At the moment, the poll at the bottom reads: 86% strongly agree. Yet the Facebook comments are overflowing with pro-Trump posts that sound suspiciously like Russian bots. So as of today, Alabama has risen above Facebook in the pantheon...
 Blacks voted. Many whites simply stayed home. Some even voted for the guy who isn't human filth!
The cherry on top is that Drumpf somehow managed to endorse two different losers in this race...
Republicans making sure that Moore isn't the most odious thing in the news today, confirmed to a lifetime judicial seat the first of Drumpf's numerous "not qualified" nominees.  Lest we forget, Moore isn't an outlier among Republicans, and they have no heroes (or "mavericks").
Translation to what Drumpf actually said:   "FUCK! WRITE-INS! I HATE ALABAMA! EVERYONE SUCKS BUT ME! SAD!"
"Trump" tweeted, but there's no way in hell he actually typed this: 
 And three years ago, Sessions ran -unopposed-.
 Reinforces what I've been saying: Stupid and evil are easier to outvote than to educate.
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