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 If the show was called "Moot", I'd give you rep. Instead, I shake my head disdainfully in your general direction.
 Principled, clear thinking conservatives are no longer part of the Republican Party or the Right. The "principled" part would kinda require not following the inbred lemmings off the cliff. It makes it easy: anyone left at this point is part of the problem.
We'd need solar eclipse rules for a full moon.   "Don't look directly at the moon, Timmy! It'll damage your frontal lobe!"
 Sic him, Schwartzy!  I've found him quite intelligent when interpreting known info. You just have to realize that his predictions are as (un)reliable as anyone else's. Anyways, some Cliff's Notes:  Also of note: The Dem Memo details ways in which the Steele dossier was corroborated by other sources... and Drumpf's team blacked it all out before releasing it.
 of Greystoke? of Bagger Vance? of The Naked Ghost? 
You should!
 I only see syfy shows thru streaming a year later, but I'll keep an eye out...
 Overkill's scene was way more violent. I think it's just a side effect of it feeling like two small seasons. The two violent scenes are actually part of the same season and yet we experience them months apart. It's also an unusual mixture of tones, so it definitely stands out more. I keep referencing Angel not just because it's the same people, but also because there haven't been a lot of (successful) attempts to blend stark reality and abject absurdity since then....
I'd definitely want FX (Legion, The Americans, etc) and FXX (Archer, You're the Worst, etc?)
The throat cutting was a jolt, but I think it was useful as a reminder of two things:   1) This isn't a kid's cartoon with kid's cartoon rules.   2) The Terror is actually evil, not just an eccentric goofball like many of his previous scenes indicated.   That was especially important to the climax, to at least make it plausible that he might kill someone we like.   The Tick is definitely more comedic than Angel, but they're also definitely mixing together a lot of...
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