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I'm never going to be able to find a link to it, because it was on twitter months ago, but there was a really in-depth study of the loans that were being defaulted on during the crisis and they found that the overwhelming majority of the sub-prime loans weren't being defaulted on. The bad loans were predominantly middle and upper-middle class people defaulting on houses that they'd bought with the intention to flip or rent out.   Which makes sense. First time homeowners...
I think that there's never been a general acknowledgement that it wasn't the sub-prime borrowers (who were mostly minorities) who were defaulting on their mortgages as was initially reported when things started to blow up has probably also fed into some of the increased visibility of white supremacy movements.
Because she was trying to take their daughter away from him and he was kind of a psychopath.
I say approaches because (iirc) it was in the dark so we don't quite see just how violent what he's doing is. Terror slicing the dude's throat has that lingering shot of the blood slowly oozing across the table. And intimate violence like a throat slit always feels heavier than action movie ninja slicing dudes to ribbons violence.
So CPAC is pretty wild..  
I think Overkill's introduction in the first half of the season approached that level of violence. But I agree that in the back half it stands out since up to that point things were mostly kept pretty light.
It also goes to how Cactus Bill treats familial connections. He and Duck are combat bros. They've been through the hardcore shit together. And as far as Cactus knows Duck hasn't acted on his impulses, so he needs to get slapped around and warned off periodically, but cutting him off altogether is like abandoning a family member.
So I'm in the liked it camp. It appears to be a small camp, but that's okay.   It's very much a 'broken men' movie. Leo by his disability and also being an Amish guy in Future Berlin, Cactus and Duck are both just severely fucked up combat vets.
I think the "Five and a sidekick/mascot" implies that there are five full fledged members and one support. I took Walter's line about a secret sixth member to be referring to a full member, not the support person. Because obviously Onward and Straight Shooter were both well known to the public.
"I don't know if my life is worth not killing any more."   I love that they spent basically two episodes on the 'Tick thinks he's a robot' gag. And I probably laughed way too hard at Doctor Karamazov punching Arthur in the junk and running away.   Also like that the Terror is revealed to be basically the opposite of The Dark Knight Joker: where the Joker had incredibly intricate plans and would say that he's just creating and taking advantage of the chaos, the Terror...
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