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Horse twitter has been pointing out since the video showed up that Moore clearly has no fucking idea how to ride a horse, and the horse appears to be terrified and wants to buck him off.
STEPFORD CUCKOOS.   Count me in the 'enjoying' column. The Struckers are unfortunately kind of the worst part of the show, and seeing as they're the primary focus it hurts the show as a whole, but then they go and throw the Stepford Cuckoos in, or have the evil Trask guy throwing the Strucker kids into a cell lined with adamantium recovered from a defunct military installation in British Columbia, and I'm still in.   It's no Legion. But nothing is or can be Legion...
Somebody needs to do an edit of the Dr. Manhattan re-assembles himself sequence from the movie with the John Cena entrance music.
That doesn't make any sense considering A: Jessica is immune to his commands and B: the virus that made his powers work would wear off after a couple of days.
Feige's been kinda sorta dropping hints that they're going to establish the Multiverse by the end of Avengers 4. It's well within the realm of possibility that they'll keep X-men separate and just have one or two MCU characters who can plausibly jump universes pop up in the first Disney X-Men film.
Kasius's line about creating opportunity definitely makes me think he had a hand in whatever happened to Earth. You've got a planet with a rapidly expanding population of Inhumans to exploit, but limited ability to control them because it's an entire planet. Force the population into a much more contained area where you can breed them yourself seems like a good plan.
Based on the clips it looks like they've adjusted Owen to be more of a standard Chris Pratt Character than he was in Jurassic World.
I've never watched Gilmore Girls but I did watch and love Bunheads (after it had been cancelled. That show was maybe two years too soon and definitely on the wrong channel), and I loved every second of this.   You've hit just about everything, but special mention has to go to just how stunningly shot the whole series is. I kind of gasped the first time we went to Abe's classroom.   I also really want to see the ventriloquist guy's whole act because I was laughing...
I'm kind of annoyed with Guardians 2 for muddying this. Ego isn't a Celestial, he's one of the Elders of the Universe. I kind of hope it gets retconned/explained away in the future if/when they have some real Kirby Celestials show up and just say 'Ego wasn't one of us, but in his madness he thought he was'
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