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American Reunion, hilarious sequel to American Pie

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American Reunion

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Pros: funny, great story, good charatcers

I was very excited to see the American Reunion movie. I saw American Pie just after college and remembered it was quite funny.
Jim, Michelle, Oz, Heather, Stifler reunite for their high school reunion.
There are a few references to the old movie and made me want to watch American Pie all over again.
The movie starts with what you will assume is a love scene with clothes strewn all over and bed bouncing. It turns out not to be a love scene but a hilarious start to the movie.
The movie was a total comedy but had some real-life instances I could relate to, growing apart after marriage and kids and trying to bring the romance back, parenting issues, and trying to stay connected to your friends as you grow up and go your separate ways. They all somehow reconnect over the high school reunion weekend and the movie wraps that all up nicely.
Jim’s dad was is now that he’s a widower and plays a big part in American Reunion. I love him even more. Jim and Michelle try to give him a make-over and get him out into the dating world, the setting up of an online profile has a lot of funny moments to it. He gives great advice concerning Jim and Michelle's marital problems. He ends up connecting with another character and you will be so happy for him.
A lot of the old characters are in the movie, including Stifler's mom. A new character appears and ends up creating a hilarious scene, Finch's mom.
The movie was good for lots of laughs.


F*ck yeahhhhhh!! Another American pie! I could never get bored of these.
I'm surprised that I actually liked American Reunion, which is the best out of the sequels. I am a little worried about the fifth movie that is in the works. Community › Reviews › Films › American Reunion › Reviews › Mom2C's Review