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FPS goodness that's dripping with atmosphere

One glance makes it readily apparent that Bioshock is a game steeped in atmosphere. From the opening sequence, the game pulls you into the environment until you are fully immersed in the underwater world of Rapture, in both the literal and figurative sense.   You start in a plane over the mid-Atlantic, smoking a cigarette and gazing at a gift in your hands. As the Bioshock logo fills the screen, you hear the sounds of your plane crashing into the ocean. After the logo disappears, you find yourself underwater and swim to the surface as debris from the wreck sinks past. It is at this point that you take control of your character, swimming through the burning wreckage to find a...
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Robot T-1

Worth it ...


Pros: Story, graphics, action.

Cons: For those who care, no multiplayer. I didn't care.

Everyone by now, or, at least those with an XBOX 360 should have given this game a whirl. It's truly a fantastic ride through an underwater haunted house. Great characters, twists, levels, and fights that require a bit of strategy, all are to be found in the failed city of Rapture. Community › Reviews › Video Games › BioShock › BioShock Reviews