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Blue Valentine Reviews

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Beautiful film about a couple who meet cute, end ugly.


Pros: People fall in love. Michelle Williams takes a shower and gets oral sex from Ryan Gosling.

Cons: People fall out of love. Michelle Williams is sad and does not want her box munched.

  Outstanding. Moody and elegiac, simultaneously telling the story of a love affair's genesis and eventual decline. By starting us near the end, then intercutting with flashbacks to when this couple (Michelle Williams & Ryan Gosling) first met six years previous, we are shown how love can fade after time. The greatest thing about it was that in both timelines, I could empathize with each character and how they feel about each other.   Some might think Gosling is portrayed as too much of a redneck loser in the latter half of the movie, but I felt his anguish. He has defined himself as a husband and father, with no greater aspirations in life. But...
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