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Pros: the manliest fight ever

Cons: too short

"I eat green berets for breakfast!" COMMANDO -final intense confrontation, over the top alpha male energy of the final showdown. Pure awesomeness! final intense confrontation with Bennett, discarding the guns and rocket launchers, instead a fight of strength and blades. Huge biceps, explosions and guns really bloody there is a seen where a arm gets chopped off but other than that there is throat slitting parts . Shootings. Necks slit. Chests stabbed. Arms hacked off. Explosions. Explosions. Explosions. Death testosterone dripping action fest!!
The first shot of Arnie features close-ups of his sweaty biceps as a pompous sax solo plays with steel drums. And then we meet Bennett. Australian accent, creepy mustacle, crew cut, a chain mail vest over a black t-shirt, a tight belt, black leather pants, tucked into tall black boots. He stands over Arnold caressing a giant knife as he looks over him.
Judging by the look on his face when Matrix tells him to "put the knife in me" at the end, challenging Bennet to a knife fight causes him to orgasm violently. it’s like sex with an orgasm at the end of it!

 02:01 (4 sec.) Making sure the first target is dead by shooting him again.
- 21:18 (5 sec.) John Matrix snapping Henriques's neck.
- 45:31 (14 sec.) Close up of Cooke dying whilst impaled on a table leg.
- 66:50 (1 sec.) John cutting guard's throat.
- 67:09 (2 sec.) John cutting another guard's throat.
- 67:18 (5 sec.) John killing two guards.
- 68:35 (5 sec.) John shooting two guards.
- 70:20 (4 sec.) John shooting more guards.
- 71:36 (2 sec.) John stabbing a guard with a pitchfork in the chest.
- 71:40 (6 sec.) John using an axe and a machete to dispatch two more guards.
- 79:16 (2 sec.) Bennett gets a longer electric shock.
- 79:50 (1 sec.) Pipe hitting Bennett.
- 79:55 (5 sec.) Panning shot along the pipe protruding from Bennett's chest


A retired special agent named John Matrix led an elite unit and has left the armed forces to live in a secluded mountain home with his daughter Jenny. But now he is forced out of retirement when his daughter is kidnapped by a band of thugs intent on revenge! Unbeknownst to Matrix, the members of his former unit are being killed one by one. Even though Matrix' friend General Franklin Kirby gives Matrix armed guards, attackers manage to kidnap Matrix and Jenny. Matrix learns that Bennett, a former member of his Matrix' unit who was presumed dead has kidnapped him to try to force Matrix to do a political assassination for a man called Arius (who calls himself El Presidente), a warlord formerly bested by Matrix who wishes to lead a military coup in his home country. Since Arius will have Jenny killed if Matrix refuses, Matrix reluctantly accepts the demand.

DirectorMark L. Lester
WritersJeph Loeb,Matthew Weisman,and 2 more credits
Runtime90 min  92 min (director's cut)  Sweden: 75 min (video version)
Release Date4 October 1985 (USA) »
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