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From Beyond Reviews


The Becoming of Crawford Tillinghast


Pros: Performances, Dialogue, Effects, Story, BDSM

Cons: Minor Pacing and Editing Issues, Censorship

If you read Lovecraft, like Re-Animator, love Jeffrey Combs and Barbara Crampton and have a great sense of humor, From Beyond is your bag.   This movie, adapted from a dark and mystery filled tale by H. P. Lovecraft, is a supernatural thriller with more chops than many of the horror movies of the 80's. While the film is dated at times by costumes and technology, the intensity of the story and the characters involved surpasses even today's popular standards. Jeffrey Combs portrays a doctor's assistant who has witnessed a horror so terrifying that he questions his own sanity. A machine that stimulates second sight or "the sixth sense" is tested in an attic laboratory with...
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