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Your Highness(2011) Reviews

Lloyd Dobler



Pros: One of the funniest films in a long time with a lot of affection for 80's fantasy flicks

Cons: The opening animation over the beginning credits didnt really work

In the immortal words of Sidney Deane as played by Wesley Snipes in White Men Can’t Jump; ‘The sun even shines on a dogs ass some days…’. There I was minding my own business going to watch a man fire darts from his butthole and in 3D no less, when a kindly lady with a clipboard asks me if I wanted free tickets to a screening on Wednesday. Being the sort that never looks a gift horse in the mouth and seeing the title of said movie on the clipboard I said ‘of course my good lady, I will relieve you of the burden of your tickets’. My details were taken and I was all set to see Your Highness on Wednesday. You see this is the latest film from David Gordon Green, the arthouse director who...
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Leviathan Joe

Your Highness


Pros: Imaginative, gruesome, amusing dialogue, structured

Cons: too raunchy, some missed opportunities, tonal shifts

Franco is the aptly-named Prince Fabious, golden boy of the Kingdom, slayer of beasts and recently engaged to a hottie. Danny McBride is his resentful, mopey brother who is often too stoned to complete any quests.  McBride can be a relentlessly childish lead, but Franco's infinite love and patience for him gives them a nice bromance and helps the audience along.   Franco's fiance is stolen by an evil wizard, and McBride must help recover her before the wizard can defile her with a ritual "fuckening" and bring evil into the world. It's pretty straightforward  from there. McBride reluctantly tags along and learns to make something of himself.   The dialogue has...
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