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Your Highness

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Your Highness(2011)

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Leviathan Joe
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Pros: Imaginative, gruesome, amusing dialogue, structured

Cons: too raunchy, some missed opportunities, tonal shifts

Franco is the aptly-named Prince Fabious, golden boy of the Kingdom, slayer of beasts and recently engaged to a hottie. Danny McBride is his resentful, mopey brother who is often too stoned to complete any quests.  McBride can be a relentlessly childish lead, but Franco's infinite love and patience for him gives them a nice bromance and helps the audience along.


Franco's fiance is stolen by an evil wizard, and McBride must help recover her before the wizard can defile her with a ritual "fuckening" and bring evil into the world. It's pretty straightforward  from there. McBride reluctantly tags along and learns to make something of himself.


The dialogue has the rhythms of a genre piece but the sardonic meta-dialogue of today. I do not have an example right now but it is so. It's genreally amusing, frequently hysterical, and sometimes tiresome in the more rudimentary plot movements. Nevertheless, it's a good fit.


 Like "Pineapple," the look of the film is gritty and grounded look, creating somewhat jarring shifts in tone when it moves into straight action. I think when it comes to silly movies, we used to expect silly action. I think the video-game generation embraces the gritty and brutal whenever the opportunity for action arises, and it's something that Green is pushing for as well.



 Like "Pineapple Express," "Your Highness" is weed movie that delivers the goofy goods whilst gently reminding those viewers who partake to occasionally get off their asses and do something with their lives. I like that. I also like that Franco completes a "side quest" for McBride's errant lizard.



Some of it just doesn't work. I agree that the molestation, centaur humping, and severed-member bits are a little too obvious (that's fratboy-boozer humor, not benign stoner humor) but it didn't ruin everything for me. The guy who played the leader of the women tribe was also just terrible to behold and a missed opportunity for a cameo by someone funny (though his whole hand-in-the-magic-paint-bucket-controlling-a-hydra-headed snake creature was good bit of imagination) And before the centaur become an object of gross scorn, he was a fairly imposing prothestic/animatronic creation.)


Overall, it's worth watching. It's hard to imagine anyone in the target demo hating it outright.


Also: "Jumping!!!!"



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