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3/27/15 at 12:22pm avian Forum post: Russo Brothers Confirmed for ‘Avengers Infinity War Part I and II’
3/23/15 at 1:46pm mcnooj82 Forum post: ‘Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation’ Looks Even Better in Full Trailer
3/20/15 at 12:10pm Spook Forum post: Stop Posting Behind the Scenes Pictures on these forums
3/17/15 at 8:07am Ska Oreo Forum post: FAST and FURIOUS 7 Pre-Release
3/8/15 at 8:06pm Richard Dickson Forum post: Submitting Scoops
3/8/15 at 7:05pm commodorejohn Forum post: Chappie Pre-Release
3/6/15 at 2:49pm Muzman Forum post: ‘Tomorrowland’ Poster Continues A Disturbing Movie Trend
3/4/15 at 12:10pm Paul C Forum post: The one scene that ruins it.
This is what I thought when I saw the thread title.
2/24/15 at 1:39pm Richard Dickson Forum post: OSCARS thread
2/20/15 at 7:27am D.T. Forum post: Submitting Scoops
2/13/15 at 1:06pm andrewhawkins Forum post: I'm about to watch...
2/9/15 at 9:50am User_32 Forum post: 50 SHADES OF GREY Pre Release Thread
2/5/15 at 12:41pm D.T. Forum post: 2014 NFL Thread
2/5/15 at 9:37am smugbug Forum post: Face Off
2/5/15 at 8:17am JacknifeJohnny Forum post: 50 SHADES OF GREY Pre Release Thread
2/1/15 at 7:02pm Bailey Forum post: The SuperBowl XLIX Thread
2/1/15 at 5:24pm MrTyres Forum post: The SuperBowl XLIX Thread
2/1/15 at 11:02am MrSaxon Forum post: AWOL Chewers
1/30/15 at 10:22am Jmurdoch Forum post: 2014 NFL Thread
1/22/15 at 7:16am Jacob Singer Forum post: LucasArts games are coming to GOG, a wretched hive of SCUMM & DRM-free villainy!
Same here!
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