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donde So much better than Keith Coogan

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7/20/15 at 5:11pm TheGhost Forum post: Depression
7/13/15 at 12:48pm Dalyn Forum post: Personal Achievements
7/10/15 at 7:27am Judas Booth Forum post: The Chewer Work Thread
My sympathies. Hope you feel better after venting. FWIW, I've been in similar situations.
6/8/15 at 6:19am wd40 Forum post: Advice - I Was Approached To be A Nielsen Home
6/1/15 at 10:14am thetravisnewton Forum post: Thank you for 18 great years. The future of CHUD is you.
5/31/15 at 10:15pm Evi Forum post: Supernatural - Seaon 10 (AKA "The Year Of The Deanmon")
5/9/15 at 6:27am Fraid uh noman Forum post: Marvel's AGENT CARTER
5/5/15 at 3:44pm Bucho Forum post: The CHUD Show/Podcast Discussion
5/4/15 at 11:20am Fraid uh noman Forum post: Tired Shit
Many thanks for your kind words and all the best to you and your son as well :)
4/25/15 at 4:28pm bendrix Forum post: The FLASH
4/25/15 at 9:53am Jacob Singer Forum post: The FLASH
4/25/15 at 6:17am kernel Forum post: The FLASH
4/6/15 at 1:09pm Turingmachine75 Forum post: Cool Shit
3/16/15 at 3:24pm stevehauk Forum post: Tired Shit
you could've bittorrent'd it for free.
2/14/15 at 1:13pm SeventyOne Forum post: The FLASH
2/12/15 at 2:20pm TB Rhine Forum post: The FLASH
2/5/15 at 8:44am Somewhere Forum post: Tired Shit
1/23/15 at 4:00pm Andy Bain Forum post: Tired Shit
1/15/15 at 12:51am Ken Savage Forum post: Cool Shit
1/9/15 at 9:37pm Subotai Forum post: The CHUD Show/Podcast Discussion
CHUD.com Community › donde › donde's Reputation