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Yesterday at 2:31 pm Chaz Forum post: The X-Files
2/5/16 at 12:05pm Hammerhead Forum post: The X-Files
2/4/16 at 9:09am MrSaxon Forum post: Marvel's AGENT CARTER
2/3/16 at 3:50am felix Forum post: The FLASH
2/2/16 at 2:18pm wd40 Forum post: Depression
1/30/16 at 12:38pm Hammerhead Forum post: Hollywood Whitewashing
1/29/16 at 11:25am Michael Shaver Forum post: Hollywood Whitewashing
1/25/16 at 4:50pm The NZ Natural Forum post: Black Sails - Sexy Pirates on Starz
Best theme. Possibly ever.
1/22/16 at 7:09am 3nnui Forum post: Depression
that was the peace I made with it early on, once you know it's an option, you can feel less trapped
1/21/16 at 7:13am Schwartz Forum post: STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS post-release thread
1/21/16 at 5:09am MichaelM Forum post: STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS post-release thread
1/21/16 at 5:00am tcjsavannah Forum post: STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS post-release thread
1/20/16 at 2:08pm Overlord Forum post: The FLASH
1/19/16 at 11:01pm Waaaaaaaalt Forum post: Depression
1/19/16 at 6:58pm Cylon Baby Forum post: Depression
1/19/16 at 5:44pm Jacob Singer Forum post: Depression
1/19/16 at 1:25am Hammerhead Forum post: Depression
1/18/16 at 5:31pm mongycore Forum post: wtf are you playing...
fooking gamer hipsters anyway, amirite?
1/17/16 at 7:33am Lightning Slim Forum post: Personal Achievements
1/17/16 at 6:55am D.T. Forum post: Personal Achievements
You win!
CHUD.com Community › stelios › stelios's Reputation