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Yesterday at 10:40 pm Jacob Singer Forum post: Chewer Photos - Post Your Ugly Faces
Yesterday at 10:39 pm Jacob Singer Forum post: DAREDEVIL (Netflix)
4/23/15 at 3:20pm Schwartz Forum post: COMMUNITY: SEASON SIX on Yahoo! Screen
4/23/15 at 5:18am Freeman Forum post: The FLASH
4/22/15 at 11:53pm Schwartz Forum post: DAREDEVIL (Netflix)
4/22/15 at 1:37pm Bradito Forum post: Mad Men - Season 7 - "The End of an Era"
4/21/15 at 10:34pm Costco Mike Forum post: Mad Men - Season 7 - "The End of an Era"
4/19/15 at 10:49pm Chavez Forum post: JUSTIFIED - The Final Season
4/17/15 at 2:31pm JacknifeJohnny Forum post: New ‘Jurassic World’ Poster is Very Nosey
4/15/15 at 11:13pm Bailey Forum post: Terminator: Genisys pre-release thread
4/14/15 at 1:56pm mcnooj82 Forum post: Avengers: Age of Ultron
4/10/15 at 12:34am stevehauk Forum post: Better Call Saul
4/7/15 at 6:12am felix Forum post: FURIOUS SEVEN (2015) Post-Release
4/6/15 at 6:28am MrSaxon Forum post: Duncan Jones' Warcraft (2016) Pre-Release Thread
4/3/15 at 10:14pm Disciple_72 Forum post: FURIOUS SEVEN (2015) Post-Release
4/3/15 at 7:44am Schwartz Forum post: Archer - Season 6
4/2/15 at 2:21pm Bradito Forum post: INTERSTELLAR (An Observation By Christopher Nolan) Post-release Discussion
4/2/15 at 1:51pm wd40 Forum post: Personal Achievements
3/31/15 at 11:21pm A-Pathetic Forum post: Better Call Saul
3/31/15 at 11:19pm Zhukov Forum post: Better Call Saul
CHUD.com Community › stelios › stelios's Reputation