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8/25/16 at 12:22pm mcnooj82 Forum post: Chewer Photos - Post Your Ugly Faces
8/24/16 at 9:44pm Splatoon Forum post: wtf are you playing...
8/21/16 at 9:27pm JacknifeJohnny Forum post: Western Society, Pop Culture, and the Cacophony of Social Media
8/21/16 at 9:24pm Andy Bain Forum post: Chewer Photos - Post Your Ugly Faces
8/19/16 at 1:45pm Freeman Forum post: STRANGER THINGS (Netflix)
8/18/16 at 9:09am Stale Elvis Forum post: Tired Shit
8/17/16 at 9:33pm Chavez Forum post: So what monumentally classic film did you only just watch now you witless imbecile?
8/15/16 at 9:13pm mongycore Forum post: Mr. Robot - USA Network
8/13/16 at 6:28am mcnooj82 Forum post: Hollywood Whitewashing
8/11/16 at 10:26am Bradito Forum post: Tired Shit
8/4/16 at 9:16pm TzuDohNihm Forum post: Movie stuff you only just realised...
7/22/16 at 10:54pm Bradito Forum post: When your relationship ends.
7/22/16 at 2:27pm smugbug Forum post: When your relationship ends.
7/11/16 at 9:42pm Reasor Forum post: Warcraft (Post-Release)
7/11/16 at 9:39pm Lightning Slim Forum post: Tired Shit
7/11/16 at 9:34pm Fafhrd Forum post: AMC Presents Garth Ennis' Preacher (written by Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg...yes really)
7/10/16 at 12:21am JacknifeJohnny Forum post: CHUD NUMBERS: Box Office Discussion Thread
7/8/16 at 10:57pm TheGhost Forum post: wtf are you playing...
7/7/16 at 10:37am Andy Bain Forum post: What the fuck!? The thread formally known as "I haven't heard a single compelling reason for Britain to leave the EU."
7/3/16 at 2:05am FatherDude Forum post: HBO's True Detective - Season 2
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