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Yesterday at 10:56 pm The NZ Natural Forum post: Release of ‘The Interview’ Has Been Cancelled. Yes, Really.
Yesterday at 10:03 am Judas Booth Forum post: The 100 Best Movies Ever - A Daily List from Nick
Yesterday at 12:00 am Jonathan Parker Forum post: Personal Achievements
Yesterday at 12:00 am Ruckuss Zuckuss Forum post: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
12/16/14 at 11:45pm FrankCobretti Forum post: Personal Achievements
12/12/14 at 3:07pm Schwartz Forum post: SONS OF ANARCHY - the final season
12/12/14 at 3:05pm DARKMITE8 Forum post: MAD MAX: FURY ROAD Pre-Release Discussion
12/11/14 at 5:23am Bailey Forum post: STAR WARS: EPISODE VII Pre-Release
12/10/14 at 2:20pm Virtanen Forum post: KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE - Pre Release Thread
12/8/14 at 7:02am neil spurn Forum post: The Drunk Thread
12/5/14 at 1:22am Bucho Forum post: Current reading
12/3/14 at 7:00am Analog Olmos Forum post: Personal Achievements
12/2/14 at 2:49pm DARKMITE8 Forum post: GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Post-Release Discussion
12/2/14 at 7:44am ScottieFerguson Forum post: STAR WARS: EPISODE VII Pre-Release
11/28/14 at 11:02pm Nick Nunziata Forum post: The 100 Best Movies Ever - A Daily List from Nick
11/25/14 at 11:35pm andrewhawkins Forum post: Fistine
11/25/14 at 7:19am DARKMITE8 Forum post: Michelle MacLaren Will Direct WB’s ‘Wonder Woman’
11/23/14 at 10:56pm andrevellozo Forum post: Depression
11/23/14 at 9:14am MrSaxon Forum post: Marvel / Netflix "The Defenders" Thread
11/20/14 at 12:23am MrSaxon Forum post: VEEP on HBO
CHUD.com Community › stelios › stelios's Reputation