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Yesterday at 11:28 pm MrSaxon Forum post: The FLASH
Yesterday at 1:46 pm commodorejohn Forum post: Editorial: We can't hum themes anymore
3/24/15 at 3:02pm Stale Elvis Forum post: Personal Achievements
3/24/15 at 3:02pm Kyle Reese Forum post: Terminator: Genisys pre-release thread
3/24/15 at 12:42am mcnooj82 Forum post: ‘Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation’ Looks Even Better in Full Trailer
3/24/15 at 12:37am MrSaxon Forum post: AWOL Chewers
3/21/15 at 12:46am Trav McGee Forum post: Archer - Season 6
3/14/15 at 6:13am Chavez Forum post: Tired Shit
3/12/15 at 1:25pm Richard Dickson Forum post: .
3/12/15 at 1:25pm Nick Nunziata Forum post: .
3/12/15 at 1:25pm Paul C Forum post: .
3/1/15 at 1:07pm The NZ Natural Forum post: Banshee: Season 3
2/28/15 at 11:12pm The NZ Natural Forum post: Banshee: Season 3
2/28/15 at 7:04am ScottieFerguson Forum post: War Drums
2/26/15 at 10:21pm ryoken Forum post: Jupiter Ascending Post release
2/25/15 at 1:56pm Doc Happenin Forum post: Marvel's AGENT CARTER
2/25/15 at 12:55pm Overlord Forum post: Better Call Saul
2/25/15 at 5:42am MrSaxon Forum post: Better Call Saul
2/25/15 at 2:38am smugbug Forum post: Avengers: Age of Ultron
2/24/15 at 10:22pm Fafhrd Forum post: Black Sails - Sexy Pirates on Starz
CHUD.com Community › stelios › stelios's Reputation