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Yesterday at 12:01 am Bradito Forum post: Depression
8/27/15 at 1:42pm Bradito Forum post: STAR WARS: EPISODE VII Pre-Release
8/26/15 at 10:21pm Analog Olmos Forum post: SpaceX and NASA send first private craft into space
8/25/15 at 10:40pm MrSaxon Forum post: Guillermo del Toro's THE STRAIN - Season 2
8/25/15 at 5:45am Fraid uh noman Forum post: Depression
8/24/15 at 12:07pm Judas Booth Forum post: STAR WARS: EPISODE VII Pre-Release
+1 for hoping in vain.
8/24/15 at 7:18am Fat Elvis Forum post: THE HATEFUL EIGHT pre-release
8/24/15 at 7:16am DARKMITE8 Forum post: Depression
It feels so weird repping someone saying saying that he's having a bad time.
8/22/15 at 11:00pm JacknifeJohnny Forum post: THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Post-release thread.....
8/21/15 at 6:43am Codename Forum post: Ex Machina Discussion
8/19/15 at 10:52pm Codename Forum post: Ex Machina Discussion
8/19/15 at 10:11pm TzuDohNihm Forum post: DAREDEVIL (Netflix)
8/19/15 at 10:03pm Kyle Reese Forum post: STAR WARS: EPISODE VII Pre-Release
8/18/15 at 5:07am Jmurdoch Forum post: John Oliver becomes Pen Pals with Robert Tilton-It Gets Wierd
8/17/15 at 10:45pm Turingmachine75 Forum post: Rick and Morty
8/17/15 at 10:39pm MichaelM Forum post: Fantastic Four (2015) post-release
8/16/15 at 10:52pm Bradito Forum post: NBC's Hannibal
8/16/15 at 10:52pm Schwartz Forum post: NBC's Hannibal
8/16/15 at 11:08am Chaz Forum post: Western Society, Pop Culture, and the Cacophony of Social Media
8/15/15 at 6:36am Freeman Forum post: CW's ARROW Discussion Thread
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