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Today at 9:37 am Disciple_72 Forum post: Horror RECOMMENDATION or WARNING thread.
11/22/14 at 9:54am Dan Benenson Forum post: Starry Eyes discussion
11/20/14 at 1:31am mcnooj82 Forum post: THE GUEST Post-Release Discussion
10/20/14 at 6:12pm McIrish Forum post: Personal Achievements
10/20/14 at 4:18pm Jacob Singer Forum post: Personal Achievements
10/9/14 at 6:29pm Chaz Forum post: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. thread
Yes it is!
10/9/14 at 8:22am Reasor Forum post: Underrated Sequels
10/3/14 at 1:11pm Mangy Forum post: Chewers who aren't AWOL
10/3/14 at 6:35am JacknifeJohnny Forum post: "Gotham" Discussion
10/3/14 at 1:33am Codename Forum post: Chewers who aren't AWOL
10/2/14 at 2:48pm DamnDirtyApe Forum post: Chewers who aren't AWOL
10/2/14 at 1:23pm wd40 Forum post: "Gotham" Discussion
10/2/14 at 9:48am Cylon Baby Forum post: Depression
10/1/14 at 4:49pm MrTyres Forum post: Personal Achievements
9/28/14 at 2:58am Bucho Forum post: Personal Achievements
9/26/14 at 12:46pm Andy Bain Forum post: Cool Shit
9/26/14 at 8:44am Jacob Singer Forum post: Cool Shit
9/26/14 at 4:59am Judas Booth Forum post: Cool Shit
9/26/14 at 3:42am Codename Forum post: Cool Shit
9/21/14 at 3:38pm Chaz Forum post: Underrated Sequels
I agree.
CHUD.com Community › Evi › Evi's Reputation