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9/22/16 at 2:03pm Moltisanti Forum post: Vice Principals (HBO)
9/16/16 at 6:32am Subotai Forum post: Norm Macdonald
9/15/16 at 1:07pm Disciple_72 Forum post: Horror RECOMMENDATION or WARNING thread.
9/15/16 at 6:35am Codename Forum post: South Park Season 20
9/14/16 at 2:13pm ScottieFerguson Forum post: Chewer Photos - Post Your Ugly Faces
9/11/16 at 3:01pm Ska Oreo Forum post: BATMAN V SUPERMAN post-release
9/8/16 at 12:22pm Bartleby_Scriven Forum post: Film Critic Catch-All
9/8/16 at 1:53am Cylon Baby Forum post: Shia La Beouf is literally watching TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON
9/7/16 at 2:26pm Splatoon Forum post: SUICIDE SQUAD (2016) - POST-RELEASE THREAD
9/6/16 at 9:45am mondguy Forum post: Chewers' Pets
9/6/16 at 9:43am Schwartz Forum post: Chewers' Pets
9/6/16 at 5:13am Freeman Forum post: BATMAN V SUPERMAN post-release
9/6/16 at 2:47am Schwartz Forum post: SCHWARTZBLOG: The Very Worst Named Blog
9/5/16 at 1:51pm Bartleby_Scriven Forum post: DC Cinematic Universe Discussion
9/5/16 at 9:58am jhp1608 Forum post: SUICIDE SQUAD (2016) - POST-RELEASE THREAD
9/5/16 at 7:25am Schwartz Forum post: HBO: THE NIGHT OF
9/3/16 at 2:54pm Jacob Singer Forum post: Dating Tips/Advice
9/3/16 at 4:21am MrSaxon Forum post: Suicide Squad pre-release discussion thread
9/3/16 at 4:16am Freeman Forum post: SUICIDE SQUAD (2016) - POST-RELEASE THREAD
9/2/16 at 11:59pm TzuDohNihm Forum post: Dating Tips/Advice
CHUD.com Community › Evi › Evi's Reputation