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Today at 12:03 am Mangy Forum post: Birdman Post-Release Discussion
1/23/15 at 4:47am Shaun H Forum post: DC Cinematic Universe Discussion
1/23/15 at 4:46am MrSaxon Forum post: X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Post-Release
1/22/15 at 9:45pm Ambler Forum post: Youtube and the infantile generation
1/21/15 at 10:27pm Workyticket Forum post: I've stepped down as MCP editor - a bit of a goodbye speech
1/20/15 at 3:44am mcnooj82 Forum post: Chewer Photos - Post Your Ugly Faces
1/18/15 at 3:44am mcnooj82 Forum post: X-MEN: APOCALYPSE (Pre-Release)
1/17/15 at 3:12am Schwartz Forum post: NBC's Hannibal
1/11/15 at 3:33am MikeShaynePI Forum post: Taken 3
1/11/15 at 3:28am D.T. Forum post: Dating Tips/Advice
1/9/15 at 12:33am MikeShaynePI Forum post: The Chewer Shrine :: Show Off Your Shit....
1/8/15 at 8:03am Schwartz Forum post: The Growing Homogeneity of Tone (A.K.A. Why Modern Film Is Shit, Part 3,632)
1/8/15 at 7:56am JacknifeJohnny Forum post: Charlie Hebdo
1/8/15 at 1:18am DJ Dylan Forum post: Dating Tips/Advice
1/8/15 at 1:17am Cylon Baby Forum post: Dating Tips/Advice
1/7/15 at 12:23am Schwartz Forum post: Game of Thrones : The Fourth Season : Spoiler Free
1/3/15 at 9:06am Ska Oreo Forum post: Hip Hop: Past, Present & Future
1/2/15 at 4:47am Mangy Forum post: GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Post-Release Discussion
1/2/15 at 4:44am Jaquio Forum post: GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Post-Release Discussion
1/1/15 at 9:51am Schwartz Forum post: I'm looking for a series that unfolds like a book Like Lost, GoT, and True Blood
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