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4/19/15 at 11:33am WendellEverett Forum post: Totoro is a friend to children ...
4/18/15 at 11:18pm Headless Fett Forum post: I still DO like Star Wars
4/14/15 at 1:29am Mike's Pants Forum post: Fantastic Four (2015) Pre-Release
4/13/15 at 11:24pm catartik Forum post: Marvel's ANT-MAN (Peyton Reed, 2015)
4/13/15 at 11:15am Draco Senior Forum post: "Official" Game Of Thrones Discussion for those who have read the books.
4/8/15 at 11:33pm wd40 Forum post: Please Wish Me Luck
Good luck!
4/1/15 at 2:22pm Superspock1248 Forum post: Saddest horror movie deaths?
3/30/15 at 1:28pm mcnooj82 Forum post: Avengers: Age of Ultron
3/29/15 at 1:53am Dent6084 Forum post: STAR WARS: REBELS Season 1
3/23/15 at 10:47am Bradito Forum post: ‘Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation’ Looks Even Better in Full Trailer
3/20/15 at 12:23pm Spook Forum post: Stop Posting Behind the Scenes Pictures on these forums
3/16/15 at 3:46pm Mike's Pants Forum post: Marvel Cinematic Universe Discussion
3/16/15 at 1:27pm Judas Booth Forum post: Batman’s Connection to Suicide Squad Revealed?
3/15/15 at 5:40pm DARKMITE8 Forum post: The one scene that ruins it.
3/13/15 at 8:06pm Judas Booth Forum post: Tor ranks the best 80's Fantasy Films
3/13/15 at 7:32pm Jacob Singer Forum post: Tired Shit
3/12/15 at 11:54pm Codename Forum post: The Dead Celebrity Thread
3/12/15 at 5:23pm Chavez Forum post: Cool Shit
3/12/15 at 3:54pm Graham Forum post: The Dead Celebrity Thread
3/12/15 at 1:35pm smugbug Forum post: The Dead Celebrity Thread
CHUD.com Community › Andy Bain › Andy Bain's Reputation