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2/22/17 at 5:54am Curiosity Cosby Forum post: Tom Ford's NOCTURNAL ANIMALS Discussion
2/11/17 at 8:12am Agentsands77 Forum post: The 2010's Action Canon
2/7/17 at 1:21pm Agentsands77 Forum post: Ghost in the Shell: Hollywood Complex.
2/6/17 at 8:20am Mangy Forum post: Thesis Movies
2/6/17 at 7:11am Agentsands77 Forum post: Immersion vs. Fourth-Wall Breaks
1/28/17 at 6:43am Mangy Forum post: Trumpocalypse Now
1/28/17 at 5:34am Agentsands77 Forum post: LA LA LAND Post-Release Thread
1/21/17 at 11:40am Reasor Forum post: RESIDENT EVIL: THE FINAL CHAPTER (2016) Discussion Thread
1/21/17 at 10:52am DamnDirtyApe Forum post: Trumpocalypse Now
1/21/17 at 7:15am mondguy Forum post: Trumpocalypse Now
1/20/17 at 10:05pm Bill Forum post: POWER RANGERS INTO DARKNESS (2017)
1/18/17 at 4:30am TheGhost Forum post: 2016 Schick Hydrobot's GOTY Thread. Brought to you by "Ideal 31-2143 55 gal Drum of ClearGlide Lubricant" shipping free from Amazon Prime.
1/12/17 at 10:41am smugbug Forum post: Sense8
1/12/17 at 7:50am Codename Forum post: Sense8
1/11/17 at 11:55am DamnDirtyApe Forum post: Film Critic Catch-All
1/9/17 at 9:49am wd40 Forum post: Trumpocalypse 2016
1/9/17 at 6:03am MichaelM Forum post: DC Cinematic Universe Discussion
1/8/17 at 12:14pm Dent6084 Forum post: Trumpocalypse 2016
1/8/17 at 10:54am Andy Bain Forum post: Trumpocalypse 2016
1/8/17 at 8:21am Richard Dickson Forum post: Trumpocalypse 2016 Community › Ska Oreo › Ska Oreo's Reputation