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11/23/14 at 3:46pm Jacob Singer Forum post: Swag Brag: CHUD Holiday Gift Exchange 2014
11/20/14 at 9:53am Hammerhead Forum post: Marvel / Netflix "The Defenders" Thread
11/17/14 at 4:09pm D.T. Forum post: 2014 NFL Thread
11/14/14 at 9:39am Aurora Vampiris Forum post: INTERSTELLAR (An Observation By Christopher Nolan) Post-release Discussion
11/5/14 at 9:55am stelios Forum post: Brooklyn Nine-Nine on FOX
11/3/14 at 12:34pm Analog Olmos Forum post: INTERSTELLAR Pre-release thread
11/2/14 at 8:09pm Devildoubt Forum post: 2014 NFL Thread
11/2/14 at 9:11am Bailey Forum post: 2014 NFL Thread
10/31/14 at 4:44pm MichaelM Forum post: Chewer Photos - Post Your Ugly Faces
10/31/14 at 3:55pm neil spurn Forum post: Cool Shit
10/31/14 at 3:54pm Judas Booth Forum post: Cool Shit
10/31/14 at 3:53pm Andy Bain Forum post: Cool Shit
10/31/14 at 1:46pm Andy Bain Forum post: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. thread
10/28/14 at 8:53pm neaux Forum post: SLEEPY HOLLOW Season 2
10/19/14 at 12:16pm avian Forum post: CW's ARROW Discussion Thread
10/19/14 at 10:42am Fat Elvis Forum post: Horror RECOMMENDATION or WARNING thread.
10/17/14 at 10:21pm avian Forum post: The FLASH
10/17/14 at 12:05pm bendrix Forum post: Netflix Instant View Heads-Ups
10/4/14 at 6:13am MrTyres Forum post: Chewers who aren't AWOL
8/27/14 at 2:30pm yt Forum post: yt Appreciation Thread
CHUD.com Community › Teitr Styrr › Teitr Styrr's Reputation