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11/7/16 at 10:44am Codename Forum post: 2016: Never Too Soon
1/25/16 at 8:49am felix Forum post: The X-Files
10/1/14 at 10:29am Richard Dickson Forum post: "Gotham" Discussion
9/24/14 at 6:52pm FatherDude Forum post: Actors/Actresses Who Might Have Been
7/12/14 at 3:43pm Fat Elvis Forum post: Horror RECOMMENDATION or WARNING thread.
6/3/14 at 6:58pm Hifidog Forum post: Who the hell is directing what for Marvel?
1/23/13 at 7:16pm Ben Grimm Forum post: The "Superhero Films That Haven't Been Made Yet" Thread
6/20/12 at 4:57pm Jacob Singer Forum post: The Newsroom - Sorkin!
6/20/12 at 5:47am DamnDirtyApe Forum post: A SPINE-TINGLING RED BAND FOR V/H/S
Same here.
3/3/12 at 11:09am mcnooj82 Forum post: THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Pre-Release Thread
1/29/12 at 7:58am stelios Forum post: Chuck: The 5th (and Final) Season
12/24/11 at 8:51am MrTyres Forum post: Storage Wars on A&E
Oh, he really does look like Gleeson!
11/16/11 at 3:26pm Judas Booth Forum post: Actors Who Don't Age
11/9/11 at 4:43pm Fat Elvis Forum post: The B Action Movie Thread
11/7/11 at 6:31pm MrTyres Forum post: Community (Season 3): POP POP POP !!!
11/3/11 at 4:51pm Naisu Baddi Forum post: Chewers' 100 Best Cult Classic Films!
11/1/11 at 8:02am DARKMITE8 Forum post: CABIN FEVER GOES TROPICAL
I love that song. "Island" is a very underrated Muppet movie.
10/26/11 at 7:32pm Bradito Forum post: When your relationship ends.
10/19/11 at 3:58pm JacknifeJohnny Forum post: Chewers Funniest Films of the 90's
Ah, Vanessa Angel. :)
10/15/11 at 6:58pm ChopTop Forum post: Chewers' 100 Scariest Films of the 90's Community › JPL › JPL's Reputation