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7/28/14 at 9:07pm MrTyres Forum post: 300: Rise of Empire Discussion Thread
7/24/14 at 10:58pm JacknifeJohnny Forum post: FIFTY SHADES OF GREY To Give Marvel A Spanking
7/23/14 at 5:35am Codename Forum post: Marvel / Netflix "The Defenders" Thread
7/20/14 at 10:30pm Fllboof Forum post: True Detective - HBO
7/19/14 at 6:28pm Bradito Forum post: Horror RECOMMENDATION or WARNING thread.
7/17/14 at 7:00am Codename Forum post: Avengers: Age of Ultron
7/12/14 at 8:45pm Iron Maiden Forum post: Horror RECOMMENDATION or WARNING thread.
7/9/14 at 9:44am chrknudsen Forum post: JURASSIC PARK IV Pre-Release Thread
7/8/14 at 12:35am smugbug Forum post: THE EXPENDABLES III Discussion Thread
7/6/14 at 11:10am HypnoToad Forum post: The Wolverine Post Release Thread
7/4/14 at 7:53pm The Prankster Forum post: Avengers: Age of Ultron
7/3/14 at 6:46am Codename Forum post: Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice (...awful) Pre-Release Discussion
7/2/14 at 7:48pm felix Forum post: AMC - The Killing
HA!! This is happening.
7/2/14 at 5:31am felix Forum post: Clive Barker's Nightbreed
6/28/14 at 6:48pm Ambler Forum post: TRANS4MERS: DINOBOTS Post-Release Thread
6/27/14 at 7:47am TzuDohNihm Forum post: Dawn of The Planet Of The Apes Pre-Release Thread
6/25/14 at 1:40am Mike's Pants Forum post: Trans4mers: Age of Extinction Pre-release Thread
6/24/14 at 7:03pm Arjen Rudd Forum post: Horror RECOMMENDATION or WARNING thread.
6/23/14 at 1:40pm Bradito Forum post: TMNT: The Platnium Edition
6/21/14 at 4:07am User_32 Forum post: Looper Director Rian Johnson is writing AND directing Star Wars Episodes 8 & 9
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