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4/3/15 at 1:25pm User_32 Forum post: FURIOUS SEVEN (2015) Post-Release
4/3/15 at 1:25pm Judas Booth Forum post: FURIOUS SEVEN (2015) Post-Release
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11/19/12 at 12:55pm Bailey Forum post: CHUD NUMBERS: Box Office Discussion Thread
7/6/12 at 3:53pm HarleyQuinn22 Forum post: THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN post release discussion
bring on that fucking bridge!
4/11/12 at 3:35pm Dross Forum post: Perfect Shots
Hell. Yes.
4/10/12 at 6:46pm Lightning Slim Forum post: MELIES TO SQUARE OFF WITH TONY STARK
4/2/12 at 9:33am Ben W Forum post: TOTAL RECALL REMAKE TRAILER IS HERE
3/3/12 at 6:25pm Art Decade Forum post: England planning to privatise Police forces Community › Russell Faraday › Russell Faraday's Reputation