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Deanburger Light years from Keith Coogan

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Date  Reputation From Content Comment
1/27/16 at 9:25am Disciple_72 Forum post: Colony on USA
1/15/16 at 11:16am andrevellozo Forum post: Mozart in the Jungle
1/11/16 at 9:53am Jacob Singer Forum post: Conan on TBS
12/13/15 at 7:08pm MrTyres Forum post: The Man in the High Castle
11/30/15 at 8:39am Jacob Singer Forum post: THE KNICK season 2
11/1/15 at 2:42pm Mr. Stockslivevan Forum post: Lost: The Rewatch Thread
Great suggestion.
9/30/15 at 4:33am Subotai Forum post: The X-Files
9/26/15 at 8:26am Ska Oreo Forum post: Banshee: Season 3
8/29/15 at 1:40am Dave Jarvie Forum post: Mr. Robot - USA Network
8/10/15 at 1:15pm Judas Booth Forum post: HBO's True Detective - Season 2
That's two of us!
7/16/15 at 9:37am DARKMITE8 Forum post: The Found Footage Thread
5/4/15 at 9:42pm Costco Mike Forum post: "Official" Game Of Thrones Discussion for those who have read the books.
4/28/15 at 3:12pm Agentsands77 Forum post: Mad Men - Season 7 - "The End of an Era"
4/12/15 at 2:33pm Clarence Boddicker Forum post: Better Call Saul
4/8/15 at 10:49am Curiosity Cosby Forum post: Better Call Saul
4/8/15 at 7:50am Mangy Forum post: Better Call Saul
4/8/15 at 6:55am PeJota Forum post: Better Call Saul
4/7/15 at 9:44am Johnny Boz Forum post: The Walking Dead season 5.
4/6/15 at 1:31pm Evi Forum post: The Walking Dead season 5.
4/4/15 at 7:24pm Cylon Baby Forum post: Terminator: Genisys pre-release thread
CHUD.com Community › Deanburger › Deanburger's Reputation