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11/26/15 at 7:19pm Schwartz Forum post: FARGO season 2
11/24/15 at 11:17am WendellEverett Forum post: War Drums
11/19/15 at 4:58am Schwartz Forum post: FARGO season 2
11/11/15 at 5:44pm Schwartz Forum post: FARGO season 2
11/9/15 at 6:58pm MichaelM Forum post: 2016: Never Too Soon
Tim Schafer = Rep
11/6/15 at 8:13am Fraid uh noman Forum post: Look-alike / act-alike file
11/6/15 at 7:16am Schwartz Forum post: FARGO season 2
10/30/15 at 5:16am Schwartz Forum post: FARGO season 2
10/29/15 at 12:06pm MaxYumTime Forum post: FARGO season 2
10/29/15 at 6:32am Arjen Rudd Forum post: October Horror Movie Challenge
10/26/15 at 4:04pm Paul C Forum post: Western Society, Pop Culture, and the Cacophony of Social Media
10/25/15 at 6:35pm Arjen Rudd Forum post: THE HOBBIT: BATTLE of the FIVE ARMIES (hobutt3) Post-Release Discussion
10/22/15 at 6:17am Schwartz Forum post: FARGO season 2
10/19/15 at 3:20pm andrevellozo Forum post: Last Week Tonight
10/15/15 at 7:19am Schwartz Forum post: FARGO season 2
9/17/15 at 1:14pm Schwartz Forum post: The Second Republican Debate 09-16-2015
You bastard.
9/1/15 at 6:12am Mintadon Forum post: Wes Craven Has Died
8/21/15 at 7:23pm Mintadon Forum post: Finally, another ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street‘ remake!
Every kid deserves to have this sort of initiation to a slasher franchise.
8/17/15 at 3:01pm Schwartz Forum post: Norm Macdonald
Always loved that bit. Farley was capable of way more than he lived to show us.
8/14/15 at 12:41pm Bradito Forum post: ‘The Hateful Eight’ Trailer: Tarantino Has Outdone Himself
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