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1/15/15 at 12:10pm DARKMITE8 Forum post: Batman: The films, the tv-shows, the animation.
10/3/14 at 11:30pm Chris Spider Forum post: Near Dark
6/24/14 at 1:19pm Bradito Forum post: Film Critic Catch-All
8/15/13 at 4:18pm Mike J Forum post: X-Men 4 / Second Class / Days of Future Past Pre-Release
5/30/13 at 11:26am jhp1608 Forum post: Films by great directors that no-one seems to talk about
Agreed. By far the best movie in the trilogy. It's the only one with a good villain too.
4/13/13 at 2:16pm Ambler Forum post: Django Unchained - Post-Release
2/1/13 at 12:16am Arturo RJ Forum post: Les Miserables Post Release
1/31/13 at 2:51pm Paul C Forum post: Django Unchained - Post-Release
1/31/13 at 9:26am DanielRoffle Forum post: Magic Minorities
1/7/13 at 10:38pm Hammerhead Forum post: The point system
This comment made me laugh out loud. Thank you.
1/1/13 at 8:25pm Judas Booth Forum post: The point system
Haha, I love that moment. And I also love when someone uses a still of it cleverly (as you did).
12/26/12 at 12:08pm CaptainZahn Forum post: Gone With The Wind (1939)
Thanks for posting the interview link. Very enlightening and interesting read.
12/6/12 at 4:36pm AtomTastic Forum post: Top Ten Films of the 1950's
12/6/12 at 4:24pm Bailey Forum post: Star Trek Into Darkness: Pre-release Discussion
12/6/12 at 3:36pm The Dark Shape Forum post: STAR TREK INTO TRAILER
An excellent point. That was one of the weakest movie deaths ever.
12/4/12 at 2:20pm Shaun H Forum post: THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Post-release thread.....
Thumbs up for the line about nooj. I laughed.
12/2/12 at 12:06pm Dross Forum post: Who wants a Louis CK ticket?
I love references like that. Bravo.
11/27/12 at 7:17pm mcnooj82 Forum post: 2012 By The Moments
11/27/12 at 2:10pm wd40 Forum post: Ineffective Film Defense
I relate to that last sentence SO MUCH. Community › Naisu Baddi › Naisu Baddi's Reputation