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9/26/16 at 2:34pm Stale Elvis Forum post: The Chewer Work Thread
9/24/16 at 12:07pm Mangy Forum post: 2016 NFL THREAD
9/23/16 at 12:19pm Stale Elvis Forum post: Tired Shit
9/21/16 at 9:56am Richard Dickson Forum post: Tired Shit
9/20/16 at 3:59pm commodorejohn Forum post: Film Critic Catch-All
9/18/16 at 6:30pm Andy Bain Forum post: Current reading
9/16/16 at 7:35pm Mangy Forum post: American Horror Story: series 6 - My Roanoke Nightmare
9/15/16 at 5:15pm D.T. Forum post: 2016 NFL THREAD
9/11/16 at 11:55am Jmurdoch Forum post: Tired Shit
9/10/16 at 9:11am jhp1608 Forum post: Songs that are owning you right now
9/9/16 at 8:07pm D.T. Forum post: 2016 NFL THREAD
9/9/16 at 4:35pm commodorejohn Forum post: Tired Shit
9/9/16 at 4:19pm Schwartz Forum post: Jupiter Ascending Post release
9/8/16 at 5:12pm D.T. Forum post: 2016 NFL THREAD
9/4/16 at 2:59pm commodorejohn Forum post: Tired Shit
9/4/16 at 2:59pm neil spurn Forum post: Tired Shit
9/4/16 at 6:14am Agentsands77 Forum post: So what monumentally classic film did you only just watch now you witless imbecile?
9/2/16 at 8:17pm Iron Maiden Forum post: The Semi-Official Heavy Metal Thread
9/1/16 at 6:05pm D.T. Forum post: 2016 NFL THREAD
LIterally LOL'ed
8/27/16 at 6:27am stelios Forum post: Western Society, Pop Culture, and the Cacophony of Social Media
CHUD.com Community › Chavez › Chavez's Reputation