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7/29/15 at 5:27pm Fat Elvis Forum post: The Official Classic Rock Thread
7/28/15 at 5:44pm Fraid uh noman Forum post: I'm about to watch...
7/27/15 at 2:37pm Bradito Forum post: PACIFIC RIM (2013) Post-Release
7/25/15 at 5:55pm Whiteboy Jones Forum post: Chewers 175 Greatest Family Movies
7/25/15 at 5:35pm Fraid uh noman Forum post: Scenes that fill you with joy.
7/25/15 at 5:33pm Glisten Forum post: Scenes that fill you with joy.
7/25/15 at 10:18am Doug Forum post: Sky Captain and the World Of Tomorrow
7/24/15 at 5:16pm MrSaxon Forum post: MAD MAX: FURY ROAD (2015) Post-Release Discussion
7/19/15 at 12:42pm Codename Forum post: Wannabe cult classics that weren't
7/18/15 at 11:12am D.T. Forum post: The Drunk Thread
7/17/15 at 1:21pm Jacob Singer Forum post: Dating Tips/Advice
7/9/15 at 4:12pm Mr. Stockslivevan Forum post: Van Halen in 2015...
7/3/15 at 1:24pm Jacob Singer Forum post: Tired Shit
6/21/15 at 9:41am Somewhere Forum post: I'm about to watch...
6/18/15 at 6:14pm Bradito Forum post: The Chewer Work Thread
6/18/15 at 2:22pm Braditos Mum Forum post: Tired Shit
6/14/15 at 4:46pm Bradito Forum post: Dating Tips/Advice
6/6/15 at 9:09pm commodorejohn Forum post: So what monumentally classic film did you only just watch now you witless imbecile?
6/5/15 at 7:13pm Bradito Forum post: Thank you for 18 great years. The future of CHUD is you.
6/2/15 at 1:52pm DARKMITE8 Forum post: Western Society, Pop Culture, and the Cacophony of Social Media
CHUD.com Community › Chavez › Chavez's Reputation