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5/1/15 at 7:16pm Bradito Forum post: Josh Trank Leaves ‘Star Wars’
4/27/15 at 1:56pm commodorejohn Forum post: Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice (...awful) Pre-Release Discussion
4/22/15 at 3:55pm TB Rhine Forum post: DAREDEVIL (Netflix)
4/10/15 at 11:32am MichaelM Forum post: JURASSIC WORLD Pre-Release Thread
3/27/15 at 10:41pm Waaaaaaaalt Forum post: Russo Brothers Confirmed for ‘Avengers Infinity War Part I and II’
3/27/15 at 5:52pm Mr. Stockslivevan Forum post: SPECTRE Pre-Release Thread
3/26/15 at 3:19pm Shaun H Forum post: Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice (...awful) Pre-Release Discussion
3/26/15 at 2:20pm TB Rhine Forum post: Dating Tips/Advice
3/24/15 at 5:30pm Devildoubt Forum post: AWOL Chewers
3/24/15 at 5:27pm Shaun H Forum post: AWOL Chewers
3/22/15 at 4:30pm DARKMITE8 Forum post: It's HALLOWEEN !
3/16/15 at 5:35pm Bradito Forum post: .
3/16/15 at 5:34pm Turingmachine75 Forum post: .
3/10/15 at 10:34pm TB Rhine Forum post: House of Cards (Spoiler Thread)
3/10/15 at 10:34pm Bradito Forum post: House of Cards (Spoiler Thread)
2/15/15 at 8:59pm Ambler Forum post: It’s Time We Talked About ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’
2/2/15 at 6:19pm D.T. Forum post: Meet Indominus Rex in the ‘Jurassic World’ Super Bowl Spot
1/27/15 at 7:44pm Chief Hallorhan Forum post: STEPHEN KING'S IT Pre-Release Thread
1/27/15 at 7:36pm Shaun H Forum post: Indiana Jones
1/25/15 at 9:21pm Headless Fett Forum post: Wrestling Discussion Thread (WWE, TNA, ECW, WCW, etc.)
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