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4/15/14 at 11:16am Tim K Forum post: Post your best photos.
Bloody good
4/8/14 at 7:28pm Shaun H Forum post: Thor 2 The Dark World Post Release
4/7/14 at 1:26pm Disciple_72 Forum post: NBC's Hannibal
3/20/14 at 7:29am kernel Forum post: How I FINALLY Met Your Mother, S9 (CBS)
3/7/14 at 12:12pm MrSaxon Forum post: The Best of BOND; Let's get this over with
3/6/14 at 11:24am Andy Bain Forum post: Personal Achievements
3/4/14 at 12:39pm Shaun H Forum post: wtf are you playing...
2/6/14 at 11:08am Bailey Forum post: 2014 Winter Olympics - Sochi
I loled
1/30/14 at 6:21pm Curiosity Cosby Forum post: Four Turtles Got Covered In Ooze, What Happens Next Will Astound You!
1/30/14 at 6:00pm MrSaxon Forum post: Cool Frames Dude - The CHUD Screenshot Of The Day Club
1/30/14 at 12:58pm MrSaxon Forum post: ROBOCOP remake Pre-Release Thread
1/29/14 at 12:22pm Jmurdoch Forum post: Cool Frames Dude - The CHUD Screenshot Of The Day Club
11/10/13 at 1:22pm Art Decade Forum post: Dating Tips/Advice
7/18/13 at 4:32pm Rene (Mr.Eko) Forum post: I'm freaking out
7/9/13 at 8:43am Bradito Forum post: PACIFIC RIM (2013) Pre-Release Discussion
Wait, you mean, that, they might be actually doing this on purpose?!
6/28/13 at 3:31am Shaun H Forum post: MAN OF STEEL Post-Release
Apu says yes!
6/18/13 at 5:09pm Shaun H Forum post: PROMETHEUS post-release discussion
The fate of billions will depend on you hah hah hah sorry.
6/8/13 at 9:46pm FilmNerdJamie Forum post: THE MAN OF STEEL Pre Release Thread
5/30/13 at 9:09pm Ambler Forum post: Worst Experiences in a Theater
Well done
5/16/13 at 7:59am 3nnui Forum post: 2012 -2013 NBA Season
You know your history of balls and baskets
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