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Andrew Joe Still pretty Keith Coogan

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11/10/16 at 8:35pm Chaz Forum post: Trumpocalypse 2016
10/16/16 at 2:35pm Splatoon Forum post: The Racism & Social Injustice Catch-All
10/16/16 at 2:20pm commodorejohn Forum post: Filmmaking Tips/Advice
10/16/16 at 2:17pm Fraid uh noman Forum post: Film Critic Catch-All
7/27/13 at 11:39pm Dr Harford Forum post: Fuck You, 3D Movies!
6/18/13 at 12:12am mcnooj82 Forum post: BONKERS: Scorsese’s THE WOLF OF WALL STREET Trailer
Leonardo DiHappyo.
6/16/13 at 8:33pm mcnooj82 Forum post: MAN OF STEEL Post-Release
We two.....are of a kind.
5/31/13 at 10:16am MrSaxon Forum post: AFTER EARF discussion
Ambitiously stupid. Bravo.
5/31/13 at 9:56am commodorejohn Forum post: STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS Post-Release Thread
The mystery box is filled with Cookie Soup!
5/20/13 at 6:58pm Dr Syn Forum post: The Dead Celebrity Thread
Such a good laugh.
5/14/13 at 10:07pm Art Decade Forum post: THE MAN OF STEEL Pre Release Thread
5/13/13 at 11:07pm Bradito Forum post: THE GREAT GATSBY Post-Release Discussion
Watching himself watch people do things!
5/10/13 at 10:20am Zhukov Forum post: Gun Control thread
5/2/13 at 9:22pm mcnooj82 Forum post: CAPTAIN AMERICA: The First Avenger - Post Release Thread
"This bra bomb of yours better work, Bucky."
4/27/13 at 1:25pm The NZ Natural Forum post: IRON MAN 3 Post-Release
2/19/13 at 12:47am Shaun H Forum post: A Good Day to Die Hard - Pre-Release
Die Hard to Go.
12/31/12 at 3:12am mcnooj82 Forum post: Class Tension In Film
12/31/12 at 1:36am MikeShaynePI Forum post: Django Unchained - Post-Release
+1, watched Lincoln again just to see Goggins rock the house (of representatives)
12/14/12 at 5:28pm mcnooj82 Forum post: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Post-Release
12/9/12 at 12:51am Renn Brown Forum post: Looper Post-Release Discussion Community › Andrew Joe › Andrew Joe's Reputation