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Yesterday at 6:14 am Codename Forum post: Personal Achievements
9/29/16 at 11:58am MrSaxon Forum post: INDIANA JONES and you're actually fucking serious pre-release discussion
9/28/16 at 10:47am Bradito Forum post: Filmmaking Tips/Advice
9/28/16 at 2:21am Codename Forum post: 2016: Never Too Soon
9/25/16 at 11:30pm Bradito Forum post: Filmmaking Tips/Advice
9/22/16 at 11:34am commodorejohn Forum post: Filmmaking Tips/Advice
9/21/16 at 2:02am Lightning Slim Forum post: Tired Shit
9/20/16 at 10:24am Freeman Forum post: PASSENGERS (2016) Pre-Release Thread
9/19/16 at 11:50pm D.T. Forum post: Tired Shit
9/14/16 at 1:27am Andy Bain Forum post: 2016: Never Too Soon
9/12/16 at 12:13am commodorejohn Forum post: GHOSTBUSTERS: ANSWER THE CALL (2016) Post-Release Discussion
9/10/16 at 4:41am Ruckuss Zuckuss Forum post: Creating a comic book
9/10/16 at 4:09am MrSaxon Forum post: BOND 25 pre-release
9/8/16 at 11:51pm mondguy Forum post: Film Critic Catch-All
9/8/16 at 11:44pm Schwartz Forum post: Film Critic Catch-All
9/6/16 at 4:38am Andy Bain Forum post: Tired Shit
9/6/16 at 2:09am Reasor Forum post: The Star Trek Thread
9/2/16 at 10:28am Tim K Forum post: Tired Shit
9/2/16 at 12:14am Schwartz Forum post: The Racism & Social Injustice Catch-All
9/1/16 at 3:41am catartik Forum post: Marvel Cinematic Universe Discussion
CHUD.com Community › Virtanen › Virtanen's Reputation