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AVATAR! good or bad

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I read the James Cameron scriptment of Avatar and I must say that the imagination that guy has is unbelievable. Everything about his story screamed COOL! Now I know a lot of you people don't have the same views about this proposed movie, but for gods sake it is James Cameron and if memory serves me everything he does turns into nothing short of spectacular, with the one exception being pirahna 2.

So what do you think? Good or bad.

I know that a budget of 300 million would be out of the question, but if it did happen, do you think it would be cool?
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If you need to get at the scriptment for James Canerons Avatar go to and then on the left you'll see the scripts section, go there and scroll down until you find Avatar.

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Thank you.
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Looks interesting. I have only scratched the surface but interesting.

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Surface scratching is good...going deeper,now, THAT'S the trick.
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It was a little too whacked for my tastes as a read. Now, that's not to say there wasn't some cool stuff in there as I especially liked the part how the soldiers bonded with their suits. But the whole jungle love story was a little lame I thought.

The geek in me whould love to see it while at the same time realizing that shelving it was for the best...
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I liked the potential imagery in it myself, the creatures, as well as the technology would have made some awesome eye candy. Not to mention the forest, even the story isn't too far off to enjoy.

In a world where every one praises star wars for its other world fantasy drama, I think it is time a new legacy was born. One where even star wars itself won't be able to match up to.

Avatar won't be this movie, but the imagery in it sure beats star wars, that is for sure.
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I really like stories that show apocalyptic type futures. This one has a really dark opening.

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