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Metropolitan (1990)

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What a charming, satisfying film. I am a HUGE fan of "The Last Days of Disco," but I'd never bothered to check out this, Whit Stillman's first film. I thought it kicked ass. It was funny, quotable, and a window into one of my favorite worlds: rich people in New York City.

However, the film is also a wonderful coming of age story and there's a lot in common with "The Last Days of Disco" (both are set during a period of time with a sell-by date, in this, it's the Christmas debutante season), too. I know it's just my frame of reference, but when two of the male characters spend a late night/evening bouncing around from bar to bar and eventually go on a quest to rescue one of their dates in the Hamptons, I couldn't help but think of "Superbad."

The cast is great, too, although none of them save Chris Eigeman seem to have gone on to do anything else. Eigeman is fantastic in this, too -- he had me thinking of the infamous "CHUD's 100 Biggest Assholes" list more than once.
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At this point, I would kill people for just a re-release of Disco on DVD with a decent transfer. I don't even care about the extras at this point; I just want the movie without having to pay 100 bucks for it. I already have the book.
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It's strange that I'm accidentally watching the same movies as you. I just got Memories of a Murder and this in from Netflix. I haven't checked this out yet. Now I'm one of those assholes.
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Oh, Carolyn Farina, where are you now? Had such a crush on her when this film first came out. Great movie.
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Short Interview with Whit Stillman, touches on Metropolitan but also, of all things, skateboarding.

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