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Off to cause trouble and go chat it up. Who's with me?


Oy! OY! OY!! OY!!!!!


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I always check this thread WAY too late at night.  I'll try and come in here earlier from here on out.

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Im bored

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So alone... so alone.


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There's a metric shit tonne of you degenerates and detestables online right now. Come into the chat and show me what for, throw a long fist at me.

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I'm here.  Thrill me.

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There's three of us in here.  Come party!

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Come and rub hairs with me. Or like, steam one on my chest. Whatever you're into basically.

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We're tallying how many Grammies DragonForce have won tonight. Join us in chat.

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I haven never been to chud do I get in?

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Just head to the chat room on top of the page brotherman.


And on that note, I'm on for a little bit tonight as I finally have time to waste again.

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If anybody wants to sail the stormy seas of chat, I'm about tonight.


Can't promise you won't get eaten by a squid though.

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Y'all get in here.

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In here now while I spend my Friday watching season one of Dexter.

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Come watch me watch THE HELP.

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Hey everybody! What awkward secrets do you have?! Tell me in detail.

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Kiss me.

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Kinda there. Drinking bourbon and playing videogames and trying to ride out the last of this cold. In the words of Beyonce, "make love to me". In the words of Beyonce to Jay-Z "please cum in me so we can have a baby."


(I'm sorry.)

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All the party people are the party people in chat.

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As recent Guggenheim fellow Marc Maron might say, "Are we doing this?" 



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Seriously people you have nothing better to do with your lives.


You really don't.

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Anybody who comes online can join my badass Viking Metal band I've got going.

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Damn, I seem to have missed my shot at heavy metal stardom!

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Y'all get in here.

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No one got in there...

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As Christian Bale would say, "what don't you flippin' understand?" 


Get in here.

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Let's mock the Oscars! Come on in, y'all! Just because Lauren is MIA doesn't mean we can't have fun!

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Let's chat. Lauren, that means you.

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Get in here.

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Let's all sit around and talk about how awesome celebrities like us in chat.

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Let's repeat what we've already posted about John Carter!


But in CHAT form!

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I may be too late (and too drunk) but okay!

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You bailed the moment I got in there!  Hahahah

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Join us in the chat and help me crack a few eggs into the bowl of cum I call late night writing sessions. 

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Anyone around tonight? I'll keep the chat open, I'm the one eating the dog meat.

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ill be in later like last night. too much work to just sit and chill this paticular evening.

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chillin in the chat. join if you want

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I'm in here folding clothes if anyone wants to join me.

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Do you like punches to the gut? Do you find Emily Dickinson sexually attractive? Have you ever found blood in your stool? Do you enjoy the films of Kurt Wimmer?


If the answer to all these questions is yes, THEN JOIN CHUD CHAT TONIGHT!

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Breaking Hollywood NEWS GOSSIP nude girls celeb scandal hot pictures FREE LIVE XXX WEBCAMS monster trucks 

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Originally Posted by S.D. Bob Plissken View Post




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come chat

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Crawled into the chat. If anybody's up for it, I'll be there for a bit.
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Come fondle some sweaters in chat.

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Patti Smith and I just fucked. Come into the chat and smell the beef.

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I've got the nipple clamps, but someone else needs to bring the cat o' nine tails and a gimp.

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Come to Daddy.

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Get in here.

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Gather, my children.

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