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IRON MAN Pre-Release Discussion

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"...yeah. I can fly."


Can't wait to see this.

I did a search, looks like the old thread went the way of the dodo during the revamp (I searched all the pages up until May).
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This has the chance of being the best year for superhero films.

Iron Man looks terrific, The Dark Knight can't look better, Hulk has good potential and Hellboy can't disappoint.

Only stinker may be Punisher 2
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A few more months working on the effects and this will be top notch.

I for one adored the Iron Man vs Tank shot last night.
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Originally Posted by Doc Happenin View Post
A few more months working on the effects and this will be top notch.

I for one adored the Iron Man vs Tank shot last night.
I loved the shot, but it felt far too much like a cut scene from a video game to me, rather than something from a major film release aping reality.

It was a cool shot - no mistake. But it felt dismayingingly different in tone from the other effects shots.

Final judgment pending on the film itself, the trailers have sold me on Downey as Stark. I initially greeting the casting with "WTF?", but I'm liking what I'm seeing.
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Back at work today we were all talking about the Superbowl commercials and I said, And did you see Iron Man? This was greeted with an unanimous, That looks like crap!

I couldn't believe that no one else seemed to like it.
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I'm sure most of your coworkers were recently discussing how they finally got to see PREMONITION starring Sandra Bullock.
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Stark is a billionaire industrialist playboy with an addiction problem whose morally somewhat ambitious. That is perfect casting as Downey.
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Originally Posted by Rocha70 View Post
Back at work today we were all talking about the Superbowl commercials and I said, And did you see Iron Man? This was greeted with an unanimous, That looks like crap!

I couldn't believe that no one else seemed to like it.
Well according to some survey linked to somewhere in these forums, that reaction was the general consensus from people who saw the teaser last night.
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I thought the Iron Man Teaser was the best ad in a not so Super Bowl of mostly mediocre ones.
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They certainly nailed the look of Stane and I have no doubt Bridges will bring a charismatic, guttural vileness to the role.
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This movie won't be awesome enough that it will please those who have it at the top of their must-see list (present company included), but it will be awesome enough that anyone ho doesn't like it is an asshole.
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Box office predictions?

I'm feeling a respectable, if not spectacular 40-50 mil opening with a close to 200 mil top off when all is said and done.
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I have to admit, seeing the Superbowl spot online - didn't watch the Superbowl itself, my penis being for decoration only - I have to say that the first thing I thought was that if I was anyone else but me, I absolutely wouldn't give a shit about this movie. I think they need to seriously reconsider the marketing strategy for this film.
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Screen it early. Get some buzz out. If they're confident that it's a solid movie, let the critics tell the public that this is a superhero movie worth giving a shit about. Most people I talked to don't even know who Iron Man is.
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I hate to doubt, but I say this won't reach 200m.
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Could viral marketing work for this? Most people haven't heard of Iron Man (the bastards!), so I'm wondering if a slow roll out could grab their attention in a way no "whizz bang, explosion, funny line, more explosions, ironic moment" trailer could.
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We all need to play our part into making people see this. I'm buying a gun. What are you doing?
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I'm going to mint thousands of coins with Iron Man's face on one side, and Tony Stark's on the other, and throw them from a tall building.

Yeah, yeah, I know it was done on the Simpsons, but it still sounds like a bang up idea!
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I actually liked the final shot. Yeah, it didn't look that great but thought it was pretty effective all the same.
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I watched the final shot over and over to find something to bitch about it. I found nothing. And didn't someone here say that the CG in Metal Gear Solid 4 is better than IRON MAN's CG? That's just baffling.
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I'm predicting 200 mil - decent opening weekend (first shot, I believe, for Summer Blockbuster Season 2008), hardcore fans/comic geeks and kids will see it a couple of times during its run; depends on whatever else is being released around that time.

As for how I'm getting people to see it, I plan on making my own Iron Man website and T-Shirts. Then, when I get a cease-and-desist from Marvel, etc. telling me to take it down for copyright infringement, I'll be all like "Boooo! Marvel sucks!" and shit.
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I will be doing my part by growing a goatee and being a smartass.

And getting my fellow film fans to go see it over the course of several weekends of heavy drinking. Also, we will be wearing trash can armor to the premier.

I love it when a plan comes together.
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Good marketing strategy, Tim. I'd like to offer my services for whatever needs doing. Together, we can take down the Marvel corporate hegemony!

Edit: I'm going to drink a lot and say it's in anticipation of Iron Man and that my hero is Tony Stark.
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Or at the very least add "Shellheads" to the growing list of Browncoats, Trekkies, LARPers, etc.
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Marvel's Int'l MK Strategy Meetings are in a couple of weeks, and they'll sure need lots of ideas. Especially with The Hulk, from which anyone's yet to see anything of substance considering the release date (and the fact that, back in 2003, the 1st one was already in everybody's minds by this time of the year thanks to an exceptional teaser trailer/ SuperBowl spot).

On the Tin Guy, ironically enough, something tells me we'll get its next glimpses a good twelve thousand years into the past.
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The thing about the marketing so far is that, if you don't know anything about the comic, it looks like the adventures of a guy who builds a clunky robo-suit to escape from Afghanistan. And talks with a goofy synthesized voice.

We've hardly even seen Bridges, Paltrow, and Howard. There's obviously a bigger, more plot-centric trailer on its way, which might even reverse public opinion if it turns low expectations into interest.

But yeah, I think Marvel is kind of overestimating the appeal of its B-list characters. There's a sense of "LOOK! IT'S IRON MAN!" in the ads, apparently oblivious to the fact that most people will say "Who?"
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But it's IRON MAN!
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"Iron what?"
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"Your besht?! Loshers always whine about their besht. Winnersh go home and fuck Shummer Glau".
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Originally Posted by Stormin View Post
FreeRobotSex's post has given me an idea for a movie where Serenity incredibly gets a sequel released in theaters with horrible tracking ahead of time, and a group of hardcore Browncoats hold San Francisco hostage, proclaiming that if the weekend box office numbers aren't above 50 mil they'll launch their chemical warheads.
I thought that's what actually happened...oh wait, no, they burned down Aardman Studios, didn't they? My bad.
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I'm very psyched about Iron Man. I think TDK will be great, but I've seen Batman Begins already, and Iron Man is something new and exciting. Besides, Robert Downey Jr. is a terrific actor with a great sense of humor. I think this role is tailor-made for him and he will be amazing as Tony Stark. The rest of the cast are perfect as well. This movie is going to be terrific.
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New TV trailer is up a little early

Yeah, pretty fucking incredible.
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Clearly...The new trailer is the best one yet.
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The Tank scene already looks a lot better.
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Fuck Dark Knight. Fuck Indy.

THIS looks like the shit.
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Do I have to have a My space account to watch it?
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No, and it's embedded on the main page now anyways.
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Man, whomever thought of and/or approved the casting of Downey deserves a fucking raise. Just think how much less interesting this would have been with Tom Cruise (who was attached to it many years ago).
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I just can't believe how good this looks. It really does look they knocked this one out of the park. Downey is fucking perfect.
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Questionable trailer music notwithstanding, this certainly makes up for the Superbowl spot. If I was a bigger Iron Man fan, I'd probably be a little more invested than I am, but as it is, a cool, blow-shit-up superhero romp w/ Downey in the lead is enough of a selling point for me (tank scene is still undercooked though, not a deal breaker or anything, but it's not a terribly impressive piece of footage).
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Hot damn. I can't wait for this.
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Originally Posted by Kevin Matchstick View Post
I just can't believe how good this looks. It really does look they knocked this one out of the park. Downey is fucking perfect.
It's definitely in the top five of best superhero casting.

Brief derail: Your user text...
Gilmore Girls numbers!
I thought I was the only person who saw that movie. Cool little flick.
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Interview with Downey on Comic Book Resources here.

"But more often than not, if anything, I feel the onus and responsibility to not venture into this genre without an understanding that it’s actually inhabited and enjoyed, and me being amongst these people, by very apt, bright, perceptive, and oftentimes educated in the arts people, so just because it happens to have this two-dimensional aspect to it doesn’t mean this doesn’t go deep and it shouldn’t be an art form. I just think audiences are continually underestimated."
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SHH! put up some new watermarked stills... and they look AMAZING.
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Wow, I'm surprised they are showing so many shots of the Iron Man/ Iron Monger battle. I can't possibly get any more excited for this movie.
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Wow, I didn't realize that Iron Monger was so huge. Given that Monger's design was based off the Mk I, I can't imagine that thing flies. If so, doesn't that kind of limit Iron Man a bit in terms of how that fight is going to go down?

As for some of those photos on SHH, could that Mk 1 squirt a little more flammable stuff around? Daaaaaamn.
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Oh, jeez, yeah, they just put up a whole bunch more.

You could probably make one of those quick-flip books of the whole fight with those stills.

And those definitely looks like finished effects... and they look GREAT.
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Is Iron Monger THAT big, or is he floating off the ground in some of those shots? I'm an Iron Man virgin, so forgive this question, but can Iron Monger fly, too?
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Originally Posted by Tati View Post

and Hellboy can't disappoint.
Which Del Toro will we get?

The guy behind quality like THE DEVIL'S BACKBONE and PAN'S LABYRINTH, or the nerd who shot shoddyness like MIMIC, BLADE II.......and HELLBOY?

Hell, I'm shocked a HB sequel got greenlighted. I probably won't see it, but awesome that the cool Ron Perlman is frontman for another major Hollywood movie.
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