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Underrated Animated FILMS

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I've been watching a lot of animation lately, so....

Hercules- Didn't do that well in the US, but was huge overseas. Im not really a huge fan of rapid-fire singing in animation movie, but at least the songs in this movie tried to be funny. Plus i really like the design of the film.
....and James Woods is in it too.

Osmosis jones- Bombed in theaters. If only it was all animation. The live action was extremely weak, but i really liked the animated parts in this movie.

The Emporer's new groove- IMO one of disney's funniest movies. Old-school animation that got the job done. Didn't do that well in theaters, but made a killing on Video and DVD.

The Iron Giant- 15 people actually saw it in the movies and it's probably one of the best animated movies ever. Since then a lot of people have realized how great it is.


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Don Wiskerando:
Might wanna fix the typo on that second one.
Fixed. The groove is back
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The Prince Of Egypt - Exquisite. I'm still not sure if I like the Martin/Short musical number, but otherwise it's a lovingly made masterpiece.
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I second FF.

Classic Anime that didn't get good treatment over here in publicity (like, oh, say, Princess Mononokokomemei did):

Wicked City
Angel's Egg
Bits of Robot Carnival
BubbleGum Crisis
Goshogun: Etrange
Dirty Pair
Armitage III
City Hunter
Lupin III (And on the american dub, they translated his NAME? Hello? Lupin might mean wolf, but he's the fictional grandson of a RL famous theif....)
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Watership Down

I grew up on this surprisingly violent animated tale of rabbits who are looking for a new home away from the facist warren they currently occupy. Bloody, scary, some really cool animation - the perfect entertainment for a five-year old.

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Fire & Ice.

gorgeous rotoscoped animation, painted backgrounds and Frank Frazetta designs. and a chick with big hooters. i really wish someone would dig this up and do a nice DVD transfer...
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I also really enjoyed Disney's "Hercules". I also am a big Greek and Roman Mythology buff, so that probably influenced my decision as well.

Unlike a lot of people, I enjoyed "Cool World". I thought they did an interesting job of combining the real world and animated world, and how people "turned" into animations and vice-versa.
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Angel's Egg

Coyote, you get the "Today I Am A Golden God" prize for mentioning this bizzare little flick. I saw it on pay TV when I was like 17 but it's impression on me was huge. The scenes with angel and her older brother with the futuristic tanks going off to war were quite teasing...I was left with many questions after seeing this flick.

Another that is underrated:

Joseph King of Dreams - it was a follow-up movie done by Dreamworks in the same vein as Prince of Egypt, and was every bit as gorgeous and entertaining.

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I don't know about FF. On one hand it was very pretty, but on the other hand i was bored with the story and didn't really care about any of the characters......

....But i guess it deserves a lot of credit just for it's technical achievements.
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I highly recommend Perfect Blue.

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i've seen Heavy Metal 2K. unfortunately i had to, because i was working on the video game at the time...

Rock N Rule is another one i kinda wish they'd dust off and put on DVD.

anyone ever seen Starchaser: The Legend of Orin? it was a blatant ripoff of Star Wars, but it had its moments. it was shown in 3D when it played in cinemas, and it was one of the first instances i can remember of CGI being blended with traditional animation
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Deadtony:
technical achievements?

It was by far the worst looking animated of 2001
Im going to have to disagree with you on that.
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The Nightmare Before Christmas

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2 words..."BEBE'S KIDS"...thank you
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Mulan is a quiet favorite of mine. I think it has one of the best villians Disney ever put into one of it's animated musicals. The overall tone was more serious and there was no cliched and possibly annoying love story subplot. It was all about Mulan's sacrifice for family and country will some woman power thrown in.

To me, the best of the musicals after Beauty and the Beast.
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Yes, Mulan was very good.
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"Vampire Hunter D is also some good japanimation."

I really hope you're refering to the recent sequel....
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Watership Down is the best.

Also, got to agree on Fire and Ice, Mulan, Prince of Egypt (great DVD), IG (though it's not underrated, just underSEEN), and some of the others as well.

I also think ANTZ doesn't get enough love.
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I love Bakshi's Wizards and shall defend it to the very end. Fire and Ice is good stuff as well. I also am madly fond of the original Heavy Metal.
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Mobile Suit Gundam The Movies I,II,III

On VHS now. Coming to DVD in may. I highly recommend watching it.
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The Secret of NIMH is an outstanding movie. Yet nobody even speak's it's name anymore.

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by kronos:
The Secret of NIMH is an outstanding movie. Yet nobody even speak's it's name anymore.

I love this movie, if only for it was the first animated movie where I heard the characters swear!

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