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No offense or snottiness intended (at all!),
but some of you really need to get on board with the newer stuff...
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Hey, still on the "early Beatles" phase of my Prince love! Don't think I've ever owned anything past "Diamonds & Pearls". (To my shame)

Have "Gold Experience" on the way though.

(Think the rent-a-rapper quality to some of the NPG stuff turned me off. "Sexy M.F." comes close to getting embarrassing (if still fun camp)
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I've never really been a huge Prince fan, but I've heard and enjoy most of his classic songs whenever I hear them, 'Kiss' has such a funky groove.

Just recently, I decided to dig deeper into his back catalogue and got 'For You' and 'Prince' from Itunes, 'Prince' is the more accessible album (I read somewhere he made it to please the execs or something) but it's a very listenable album. The title track on 'For You' has some absolutely gorgeous doubletracked backing vocals, almost Marvin Gaye-esque which then kicks into the slow jam 'In Love' 'Crazy You' is a nice acoustic ballad and 'Just as long as we're together' is a smoking dance track, I love the 3 minute jam towards the end. The final track 'I'm Yours' has some of Prince's best guitarwork, it's a fantastic song. Also worth mentioning is that Prince played all 23 instruments on this album, that's pretty fucking impressive.

'Prince' definitely has more of a pop vibe, the opening track 'I wanna be your lover' drifts away into a superb rhythmic groove towards the halfway mark, 'Sexy Dancer' should be mandatory for every stripper to dance to, 'Why you wanna treat me so bad' and 'Bambi' are Prince's attempt at fusing rock and soul, he does a pretty good job. The rest are mostly ballads and while ok, don't really stand out.

I also got 'Dirty Mind' as well, but I'll get to that one later.
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Itunes doesn't give you a back cover picture of a naked Prince riding a unicorn, Dragon!

'Prince' is an interesting, fun record.

"Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad" is currently one of my favorites--blissful late 70's pop/rock/soul fusion. That solo, whoo!
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That solo on 'Why you wanna...' is greatness, the way he doubletracks the lead is pretty damn cool.
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Incubus is including a cover of Let's Go Crazy on their "best of" album, Moments and Melodies that comes out June 16th.
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I wish my introduction to Prince hadn't been "When You Were Mine."

Much as I've enjoyed a lot of his stuff over the years, I'll always wonder what THAT Prince might have sounded like over the course of a few albums.
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My top 10 Prince songs... IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER!

Take Me With U
Raspberry Beret
The Ballad of Dorothy Parker
Lemon Crush
Elephants and Flowers
Love 2 the 9s
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With the new Prince album/albums out, a few of the new tracks are orbiting my top 10, with at least one shoe-in.

The best of the bunch:
U're Gonna C Me

The other good new ones:
Wall of Berlin
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After the R'n'B soul inflection of 'For You' and 'Prince' I think Dirty Mind had Prince firmly going in the direction of pure pop/rock/dance, the title track is a dance floor thumper, 'When you were mine', 'Do it All Night' and 'Gotta broken heart again' provide a break until Prince turns up the heat for the final four, it's pretty much non-stop party anthems starting with 'Uptown' and ending with 'Partyup' 'Head' is a great funky electro jam, 'Sister' is a cool little rocker about incest.

Prince is the obvious heir (or has been for the last 20 years) to Barry White as far as music to make love to goes (or as Andre stated, Music to fuck to)
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"Dirty Mind" is significant in that in the music video, the attentive viewer can catch a glimpse of the outline of Prince's penis showing through his underwear. And because he wasn't yet famous and successful enough to dress himself in the finery he deserves, he looks like a public bathroom tranny.
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Prince's worst songs, in no order:

Girls & Boys
Do U Lie?
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I can agree with two of those, but I'm shamelessly fond of "Do U Lie?".

I humbly submit either "Poom Poom" or "My Name is Prince" as dubious replacements.
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Fuck that, 'My Name is Prince' and 'Girls & Boys' are both cool.
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Originally Posted by Paul McCartney View Post
Prince's worst songs, in no order:

Girls & Boys
Do U Lie?
Eh, 'Partyman' rocks. Far from being one of his worst. Then again, I'm pretty much a fan of all of his BATMAN soundtrack.
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Love the punk funk "Ronnie Talk To Russia". It's a weird curio that I can never find a mix-tape place for, but i love that raunchy guitar.

I'm not a fan of most of 'The Black Album', especially the anti-Hip-Hop parodies/diatribes. Since buying it, could only get through it once.

I've never bothered with the "Batman" soundtrack. (maybe I should)
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Originally Posted by Fat Elvis View Post

I've never bothered with the "Batman" soundtrack. (maybe I should)
Seems like fans either love it or hate it. There's a lack of detail to the tunes--like Prince cobbled together the production in a matter of days (though I believe he recorded it in only a few weeks time). But the funk and energy is still there in spades, and if you're comparing it to almost any other artist out there, it's a success on its own terms.

The album speaks to Prince's extraordinary talent that he can record this stuff in his sleep and still come out on top.
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I put BATMAN right up there with PURPLE RAIN and maybe even SIGN O THE TIMES. Because he rushed it out and it's nice and short, it's got a good stripped-down aesthetic, and the atmosphere is helped a lot by the movie it accompanies. The CONTROVERSIAL "Partyman" is the only really dreary one - just a lot of noise as far as I'm concerned, but hey - and "Scandalous" is my vote for Prince's best-ever song.

And one of the songs contains the lyrics:

"Hey Ducky, let me stick de seven inch in de compuuuuter."

Who the fuck is Ducky?

Anyway, BATMAN = 10/10 exquisite masterpiece!!!!!!!!
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The Batman soundtrack is great - It's not terribly ambitious, but it's focused and a hell of a lot of fun. On some level I can understand why it's often critically dismissed, but on it's own terms it's a cool piece of work.

The Future (love those string samples), Vicki Waiting and Scandalous are worth the price of admission, in my estimation. Vicki Waiting in particular is one of my very favorite Prince tunes... ridiculously good both musically and lyrically. "I didn't know... I was playing... in a cathedral!"

But yeah, Party Man is the only one on the album I've never really dug.
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'The Future' is probably my fave Prince album opener right behind 'Let's Go Crazy'.

With the expansive, artistic Sign o' the Times released just 2 years before, his work on BATMAN didn't really stand a chance critically. Since I listened to the album years after it was released, my expectations were obviously completely different. But I do remember my reaction when I first listened to it: "This is fuckin' awesome."

Its reputation definitely doesn't mirror the quality of the songs. Also, if you want straightforward jams that you can sink your teeth into, there are few albums that deliver the goods like BATMAN does.
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The New Beverly in Los Angeles is having a 25th anniversary screening of Purple Rain this Saturday at Midnight. Considering Wendy and Lisa are playing at the Largo that night, you can easily get your fill of Prince and the Revolution.
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I'm really digging the one-two punch of Sister and Partyup at the moment. Sister is such a tight, compact little number.
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Download SPIN's Prince tribute album HERE. Type in "people".

Also for Prince fans in NYC, there will be a Purple Rain sing-a-long on August 6th in Brooklyn.
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I was looking through the cassette bargain bin in a local shop, and found AROUND THE WORLD IN A DAY for $3, still in its shrink wrap. It's been sealed up and in mint condition since before I was even born. I just had to snap it up! At last, something to listen to in my shitty cassette-only car!

Originally Posted by Fat Elvis View Post
I'm not a fan of most of 'The Black Album', especially the anti-Hip-Hop parodies/diatribes. Since buying it, could only get through it once.
This shop also had a second-hand copy of THE BLACK ALBUM. I didn't splash out, but am umming and ahhing over going back for it. Can anyone here actually recommend it?
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My two favorite Prince songs are "Delirious" and "Cream." I only own his Purple Rain sdtrk and his 3-disc greatest hits/B-sides album.

When I went to see Stephen Lynch in concert in Minneapolis last summer he did a cover of Purple Rain as his closer and it was fantastic. My friend who was somehow unaware of Prince being from Minnesota didn't get the joke of it oddly enough.
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Has anyone ever articulated the basic tenant of Christianity so joyfully and beautifully as Prince in "I Would Die 4 U" / "Baby I'm A Star"? Don't think so. Add it to the hymnbooks! (Roll over, Bringing In the Sheaves!)
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My favorite Prince song right now: The legendary, uncut "Computer Blue" suite
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Darling Nikki is so fiendishly filthy that I love it and to that matter Prince. The man is short, but the man is pure fucking sex.
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Last week, a DJ ended a set with eight songs in a row of Prince and his disciples (Sex Shooter and Love Bizarre showed up), and it made me think that Prince makes better sex music than dance music, but only just.
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Funnily enough I was at a club last Sat and the DJ did the same (well 4 songs, not 8). Prince still gets people to the dance floor.
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Michael Jackson, Prince, Madonna, Justin Timberlake, and "Saturday Night Fever" are gimmes.
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Damn, sorry to have stumbled onto this thread so late. Favorite artist of all time. Have most of his stuff including rare concert albums and the like.
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I've been getting reacquainted with the best material on the "Graffiti Bridge" album lately. Say what one will about the album as a whole (it's a weird, wild and occasionally embarrassing mess), there are some great, under appreciated songs on there.

Can't Stop This Feelin' I Got
The Question of U
Elephants and Flowers
Joy in Repetion
Thieves in the Temple

Good stuff.
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Prince is receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award and will be performing with Alicia Keys, Esperanza Spaulding, Janelle Monae Patti LaBelle & Chaka Khan this Sunday during the 2010 BET Awards.
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I also agree that 1999 and Purple Rain are two of the best albums, ever. 7 remains my top Prince, probably, though it's damn hard to choose. Nice to see some love for Mountains and even Girls and Boys. Seriously underrated.

But post-mid 90s, my knowledge of his actual output is pretty scant. Any recommendations for good places to start? Songs are good, but I'm also interested in albums.
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Originally Posted by Diva View Post
Prince is receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award and will be performing with Alicia Keys, Esperanza Spaulding, Janelle Monae Patti LaBelle & Chaka Khan this Sunday during the 2010 BET Awards.
Very cool tribute.

Holy shit, Patti!

<Sux no Chaka>
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Other than the abomination that was the first lady, the tribute was great. Keys and LaBelle were the highlights, but I also really dug Esperanza Spaulding's version of "If I were you're girlfriend".

Prince looked so amazing. It's hard to believe he's 50 years old!
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Prince gave Trey Songz major bitchface when he tried to sing one of his songs. This tickled me.

He seems to have a lot of regrets about his fame and how he came to have it. He told the up and comers in the audience that they don't have to do the things he did in order to become successful. Come on Prince, without the phallic guitar playing, the heels, and the wild gyrating on stage, you wouldn't be a legend.
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Ever since he became a Jehova's Witness, he's become a real stick in the mud. I've heard he refuses to play all of his classic songs in concert (at least the ones overtly sexual, which is like all of them). He needs to remember that all of our past experiences help make us who we are today. Even if he's moved on now, he should appreciate all that came before. We still love you though, P!

Prince Tribute Part 1:

Part 2:
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New Prince very, very soon!

No official release date for the U.S. yet.
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Originally Posted by MichaelM View Post
But post-mid 90s, my knowledge of his actual output is pretty scant. Any recommendations for good places to start? Songs are good, but I'm also interested in albums.
I consider the Truth to be a must own, even if it has one track I despise in Animal Kingdom. Its a mostly acoustic (with bizarre Casio keyboard elements) album that is the bright spot in his output between The Gold Experience and 3121. Unfortunately it was only available as a bonus disc to the Crystal Ball collection, but you should be able to find it on the web.

There are some great songs on other albums, but there is also a great deal of uninspired material out for that 15 year period.
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The "let's all gang up on Princess Kate and make her listen to Purple Rain" thread made me throw some Prince on iTunes today. The moment in "Little Red Corvette" where the female vocalists goes "right to the ground, right to the ground" always reminds me of that scene in Almost Famous where they talk about how that single "woo" makes the song, because as awesome "Little Red Corvette" is, that bit always sends it over the edge for me.
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I'd never really listened to Purole Rain so I downloaded it recently and really liked it. I'd alwaus assumed the movie was a vaniry project along with the soundtrack but it's a really solid album. the title track is an epic ballad, those backing vocals are gorgeous, Darling Nikki is the song that insoired a thousand strippers.
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You realize that by posting those links Prince wlll sue your ass off.
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I'm still basking in all his Purple One's glory! Went to see Prince at MSG during his "Welcome 2 America" tour. It is safe to say it was a religious experience. Am thinking about getting tix to his newly added on dates in January.

The opening act was Larry Graham and the Graham Central Station. When Prince came out in a black cape, strutting down the stage and they launched into the Sly and the Family Stone cover, I lost my shit. Here's the funkadelic setlist:

1. One in a Million
2. Family Affair
3. Dance to the Music
4. Thank You
5. Everyday People (with Prince)
6. I Want to Take You Higher (with Prince)

After a short intermission, Prince came out in a sparkly silver vest and black spandex outfit (!) and for the next two hours I was in heaven. "Baby I'm a Star" and "Beautiful Ones" are two of my favorite songs, and for him to open up with them, I had multiple musical orgasms. Prince changed outfits a few times, but ended up in a red sparkly spandex suit. He started dancing on top of his purple piano and it was hot, hot, hot! I want to have little Prince babies.

Prince's friends included Esperanza Spalding (who kicked ass on the bass), Lalah Hathaway (who duet ed with Prince on various songs), and Shiela E (she banged the drums like her life depended on it!). Sad that we didn't get to see Maceo Parker (who was at the NJ show the night before) or Janelle Monae (who will be at the Dec. 29 MSG concert).

The Purpletastic set list:

1. Welcome 2 America
2. Dance (Disco Heat) (Sylvester cover)
3. Baby I'm a Star
4. The Beautiful Ones
5. Let's Go Crazy
6. Delirious
7. 1999
8. Shhh
9. Uptown
10. Raspberry Beret
11. Cream
12. Cool (The Time cover)
13. Let's Work
14. U Got the Look (with Sheila E.)
15. The Glamorous Life (with Sheila E.)
16. Nothing Compares 2 U
17. Purple Rain

18. Kiss

Encore 2:
19. A Love Bizarre (with Sheila E. and Questlove)

During the last encore, Prince invited all the celebs in the audience to come dance and party on stage, whom included Spike Lee, Cornell West, Alicia Keys, John Leguizamo, Whoopi Goldberg, Jaime Foxx, Tavis Smiley, Sherri Shepard, Sinbad, and others I can't think of right now.

I can't stress enough how awesome this experience is. If you ever get to see Prince live, DO IT!!!!
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Something tells me The Purple One will be avoiding Michigan like the plague, well, because Michigan sucks major donkey balls.

Sounds like a life-changing experience, Diva.
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