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I want a real sniper game!

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How's this for an idea.

A real realistic sniper game with 3 campaigns; SWAT sniper, Military sniper and hitman/merc sniper. or maybe 1 story where you evolve from swat to military to hitman?

You would have to learn about bullet trajectories and wind influence through training and before each mission you'd sometimes have to go and reckon the place and set up the whole mission plan and plan of escape (if merc or military).

It shouldn't be a FPS like usual where u shoot some dude and then get chased down by dozens of enemies.

It should be realistic. Make a good plan, wait for the kill, get extracted. Some interesting back-story could run in the background like those we used to have in the Wing Commander games etc.

Or maybe such a game exists already?
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The hitman series? If you want to take the planning and stealth like aspect of the game seriously, you could probably find/make a pretty decent sniper game in that series. Not to the level of detail you want, but its better than nothing.

Its interesting you've brought this up because about 8 years ago I had a similar idea for a merc sniper game that really zoned in on the whole prepare the for the mission, find a good sniping spot and take out the target sort of approach. However, with my idea, once you took out the target it became more a shoot em up/escape to the pickup point style game.
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The flashback level of Call of Duty 4 did it right. I'm not sure I could do a whole game of that, though.
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The problem would be making the game interesting enough so that normal people (people that aren't snipers) don't get bored.

A multiplayer game where you can play in teams of two with one guy as a spotter who could guide you and measure wind speeds might be pretty cool though. Of course, no one would want to be the spotter.
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While it might be interesting to see, there's no way they'd ever make a realistic sniper game like you want. Have you ever tried to make any long range shots before? I've tried both hunting (thank you redneck family!) and also sniper quality shots (thank you dad and military hookups!). The first was hard as fuck and the latter.. Well lets just say I hit the barn but barely. The flashback in CoD4 is a close representation like Justin said but it's still a dumbed down version.
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I've said it before, but Sniper Elite is the best sniper game ever made.
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Originally Posted by Spike Marshall View Post
I've said it before, but Sniper Elite is the best sniper game ever made.
Sniper Elite! That was an awesome game, I really need to go out and find a copy.
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I don't think I've ever played a game that had me as nervous and twitchy as Sniper Elite did. Playing it with full windspeed and gravity and scoring a perfect headshot is one of the most gratifying things I've done in videogames.
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If you have video arcades. May I suggest this:

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Originally Posted by Spike Marshall View Post
I've said it before, but Sniper Elite is the best sniper game ever made.
I assumed this thread spawned from our discussion in the CoD5 thread.
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Might I suggest this:

Surely you can find a clock tower or something similar nearby. Nothing beats the real thing!
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Actually I had the idea after watching this:

perhaps the world's best sniper rifle part 1
perhaps the world's best sniper rifle part 2

And the game shouldn't be for the young restless kids that play COD and such games. It should be for the adult gamer who doesn't mind actually sitting still and learning something. The actual kill should be the absolute climax after a long period of preparation and training and if one actually manages to kill the target the satisfaction will be enormous.

The replay value should also be great. It should be easy to change the circumstances for each mission a second time.
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There are games like this. I think under a Hunter brand name or something.

Our chat in the CoD thread did say it'd be a patience-requiring game, much like Elite was.
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hmmm never played sniper elite!

Is it pure sniping or just as much FPS?
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No it's pretty much pure sniping.
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Cool, I guess I'll try and hunt down a copy somewhere!
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It hasn't aged well visually, but the mechanics are still excellent. To be fair it wasn't a stunner on launch.
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This might be pretty obivious but try and get the PC version over the console version. Unless you have a very deft touch with the thumbsticks it's very hard to adjust and compensate with your aim. I got the Xbox version and while it does not make the game unplayable, it is harder.
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