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Originally Posted by Pvt. Spunkmeyer View Post
...every time I closed my eyes I saw that shot of Eli as she really is (old and withered - Oskar's hallucination? I'm not sure). Fuck, just thinking about it is giving me chills.
That was a brilliant little flourish.

So much great stuff; made me wish I was fluent in Swedish, as the dubbing was clunky and so were the subtitles.
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Originally Posted by ElCapitanAmerica View Post

What's kind of funny about the pool scene, is that you see one of the kids being dragged right in front of Oskar and the older bully is still holding on to Oskar's hair even while the kid is been dragged and mutilated. He hold onto him until Eli comes back and tears his arm apart.
Hmm, I kinda took it that she hit the kids so fast that his arm was just kind of floating there, still holding onto Oskar. At that point in time, Oskar was so defeated he just wasn't going to move unless yanked out of the water.
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Originally Posted by Chris Allen View Post
The pool scene... man! After watching hundreds and hundreds of horror movies, I loved the scares in this film. But even though I knew the outcome as Oskar is freed of the bullies, I still gasped at that shot of the aftermath. Was that violence justified? No. Was it jaw-droppingly awesome? Most definitely!
Personally, I think the violence to Conny's brother was COMPLETELY justified. The other kids, not so much - they seemed to realize that this was going too far but Conny's brother wouldn't stop when they (somewhat limply) protested.
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I think the continuation of Jimmy's grasp on Oskar is purely visual. Oskar is unaware of what's happening until Jimmy's hold lessens and Eli pulls him out.

I love how the film is so subdued and restrained, i.e., the scene in which the two women find the poodle drinking from the puddle of the young boy's blood, and the scene cuts right after you hear one of them begin to scream. Instead of flashbacks, Alfredson lets the audience use their imaginations in regards to what Oskar see of Eli's past.

I would refrain from labeling it a genre or sub genre film, it's so far above those generalizations.
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Just watched with some students last night. Five different people, five very different interpretations. Mine is more like Troy's in that the whole movie is about manipulation. Not in the usual interpretation, though, just in a "See how fucked up we all are that we do this to each other. Yet somehow we still love each other"

One student thought it was about innocence and how puberty can destroy all the sweet things in life that comes before. I'm not sure I want to know the issues in that family tree but...

I like the fact that the whole thing is open to whatever interpretation the viewer wishes. It's so profoundly brilliant.
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Originally Posted by Chief Hallorhan View Post



Yes. Watch. Yes.

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