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Originally Posted by Spike Marshall View Post
So the question I have to ask is what the fuck do the public see in the film? Are they inured by the gore or the soap opera storytelling (admittedly the continuity is impressively convoluted).
I like the impressively convoluted continuity, but you have to pay attention. I don't want to turn into a Saw elitist or anything, but I wonder how the average audience member, who probably sees each film once in theaters a year apart, manages to follow this series at all.

But for me, each Saw movie is sort of like a retarded magic trick, I tune in each year to see how cleverly they've devised their latest twist ending. Frankly, I thought IV was the best, but you have to remember the details of Saw III for it to make any sense. I think people reacted badly to the level of brain activity required for it, and the resulting V was the worst yet: dull and straightforward.

I saw the first one prior to its release with James Wan (co-writer/director) and Leigh Whannell (co-writer/actor, Adam) in attendance, and they addressed the cheapness of Saw head-on, saying they just didn't have the time or budget to film cars on a road, nor did they have the footage available sometimes to pad out the runtime (photographs in the first movie is due to a lack of other footage to use).
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The thing I have with Saw, after having seen them all, is that they kind of blend in together. Especially the last three. I honestly can't remember much about Saw 5 over than the douchtastic grin of the 'new' Jigsaw as he was getting lowered into the ground in his perspex coffin/escape pod.
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Originally Posted by Patrick Ripoll View Post
Scream is excellent.
You're right, it is - and certainly much, much, much better than Saw. And yet I've been told on numerous occasions that "true" horror fans hate it. Any time somebody pulls "I'm a true fan and you're not" out, I just roll my eyes.
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Most people just remember the sequels from Scream (which are shit), so the whole series just gets the blanket term of being shitty.
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Here's a Comics Con review of the new SAW:Video Game.

What I don't understand is why they are using characters like Amanda and Danny Glover for this? We already know their fates in the films.

The Game is apparently fairly decent. The reviewer seems surprised that he liked it himself.
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I'm a big Saw fan and so I just saw this and am incredibly excited!



Can't wait!!!!

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Cues "Hello Zipp" Theme.


Which entry (besides the first) is your favorite?

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Originally Posted by felix View Post

Cues "Hello Zipp" Theme.


The BEST horror theme!


Originally Posted by felix View Post

Which entry (besides the first) is your favorite?


Ooooh. Tough. Maybe Saw V? It's definitely my favorite ending (after the first movie). 


How about you, Felix?

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Saw II for me. The series takes a nosedive after III.

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I like III because it's got brain surgery with power tools.
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I stopped after III. Should I just binge-watch them all before this new one? I mean, how much gore can one take?


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I had to keep my Saw fandom on the DL when I used to lurk around here, but finally none of us has any taste.
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I love this franchise.  SAW III is legitimately one of my favorite movies.


I'm torn between my love of the franchise, the slightly more fun tone of this trailer, and the fact I've heard JIGSAW is awful from multiple people.

Originally Posted by User_32 View Post

I stopped after III. Should I just binge-watch them all before this new one? I mean, how much gore can one take?


You should because SAW VI is shockingly good.

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Originally Posted by The Dark Shape View Post

I've heard JIGSAW is awful from multiple people




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But do those people share my awful taste?
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I'll watch this.

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Yes, join us, felix.
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SAW III is the peak. I could never get into the proceeding sequels, even the health insurance one everyone thinks is awesome. I was working as an usher when III came out. Right in the beginning with Wahlberg's foot bashing, a guy watching the movie fainted while trying to run out and his head went through the wall.

This looks... not very inspired. I was hoping for more from the team involved.
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They all run together for me after Part III, but I enjoy how they run together.
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The Saw franchise was my jam around the same time that LOST and 24 were at their peaks, creatively.  I'll catch this first weekend.

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So how are they going to retcon things this time?


Who is Jigsaw's secret secret secret secret SECRET apprentice?

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How on point is his delivery of "Game Over"?

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I heard it's awful from multiple people.
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If Jigsaw is anything like the other seven entries, it'll reveal Cary Elwes has been orchestrating the traps only to kill him off unceremoniously.


Then there will be an endless series of montages explaining how one of those masked henchmen of his from The Final Chapter is the one and true apprentice that has been there from the start! 

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If you guys watch these for the twists, you're watching them wrong.
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Someone needs to Jigsaw Bart.




(Disclaimer: I do not really want anyone to Jigsaw Bart. I hope he lives a long, happy life and pays all of his library fees.)

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Bart's trap would have a library theme.
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Books can save your life, OR END THEM. I want to play a game. You must lean forward into the pages to release the arm and the leg restraints that bind you. But by doing so, you'll SUFFER EXCRUCIATING PAPER CUTS.


Press hard. Live or die, Bart. Make your choice.

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