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Originally Posted by kingfan View Post
Also as far as song post Exile I have some really strong love for "Girl With The Faraway Eyes" off of Some Girls. Such a fun song.
Jagger's singing ruins that song.

Except for one hot minute, around '68 or'69, when he briefly came into his own, Mick has always been the weak link in the Stones. He's such a poncy poseur; especially embarrassing in the early Blues purists phase or during stabs at punk.

Part of the reason the Exile On Main Street mix is so great, is because it buries and distorts the vocals, giving them an edge to match the fierce playing of the rest of the band.

Had Some Girls in my player as i was driving around this morning. "Before They Make Me Run" is such a great outlaw anthem. Maybe their last convincing one.
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That song would suck without Mick!
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Re: "Girl With The Faraway Eyes"

Jagger takes the parody to the extreme because he doesn't know what to do with it. Should be just mildly tongue-in-cheek.

He's always uncomfortable with even faux-sincerity.
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Originally Posted by Z-Man View Post
I actually think it's the best they've been since the 70's. In fact, it might be the best live set I've ever seen from them, and certainly the best live set they've released since the days of Ya-Ya's, Gimme Shelter and Rock n Roll Circus. Check this.
Wow. I ate that puppy up.

Originally Posted by Mad Man Mundt
The worlds greatest rock n' roll band. Period. The Rolling Stones are for people who would be fans of The Beatles except for the fact that they aren't asexuals, intellectuals, or weaklings.
'Tis true. You should copyright that and put in on a slew of t-shirts.

Another word about Steel Wheels--the production hasn't aged well, but it fits the sound of the late '80s like a pea in a pod. There's some very good songwriting on there, and the majority of the disc is a great example of high-end craftsmanship and musicianship. 'Sad Sad Sad', 'Terrifying', 'Hold On To Your Hat', 'Rock And A Hard Place', and 'Break The Spell' are quite addictive. 'Blinded By Love' is one of my fave Stones ballads.

Even when the Stones are going-through-the-motions, they somehow manage to deliver the thrills.
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I just recently got all the great alubms from a friend and ripped them to my Ipod and now once I graduate and get a job the vinyl hunt will begin.

I have been warming up to them all though I have always been more of Zep and Who guy myself.

If I had to pick one track and drop the rest mine would be "Beast of Burden", not quite sure why but there it is.
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I like the Stones more then the Beatles.
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Originally Posted by eenin View Post
I like the Stones more then the Beatles.
Hey, I can remember when the epic showdown was between The Beatles and The Dave Clark Five.

"It's not fair!" Ringo cries. "There's five of them and only four of us!"
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The original UK version of Between the Buttons is superlative. So many of the songs should have been hits and weren't ("Miss Amanda Jones," "Connection," "Complicated," "She Smiled Sweetly"). That's a lot of the fun and freshness of Buttons, though, since in all likelihood you've heard none of these tracks played endlessly on the radio, if at all. The U.S. edition sours things by substituting "Ruby Tuesday" and "Let's Spend the Night Together," two songs I could do without hearing for the remainder of my life.

Aftermath is not as strong, gets bogged down by a ten-minute track ("Going Home") with a meandering, terribly overlong instrumental passage punctuated by Jagger's repetitive mumbling and shouting. "Out of Time" is also too long at five minutes - the shorter, faster and orchestra-heavy (but Stones-less) revamp by Jagger, featured on Metamorphosis, is preferable to me. Rest of the album has some excellent, underrated songs, particularly "I Am Waiting" and "What To Do."

I'm also throwing a shout out to the UK version of Out Of Our Heads. That album consists almost entirely of great covers, including the "She Said Yeah" later featured on December's Children. Only 28 minutes long - a fast, exciting album.
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And as the holidays roll around, I once more find myself marveling at the fact that nothing that Keef or Mick have done with all their solo work can hold a candle to what Keef managed in less than three minutes on "Run Rudolph Run."
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Somehow I never posted in this thread even though I grew up in a Stones household, my middle name's Keith and I rightly recognize them as the greatest rock'n'roll band of all time.

Better late than never though, even if it's really just to post this thing from a couple of years ago with the coolest whiteboy ever to pick up a six-string.
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Mick had this much ROCK in him at SEVENTY a couple or so years ago.

Undeniable magnificence.

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Yeah, I was at one of their Hyde Park shows around that same time. Great show even if Keith managed to botch the first chord of the first song of the show (Start Me Up).


I'm not actually the biggest fan but I do find their absurd longevity kind of heroic at this point. It'll be a sad day when... shall we say, there is need for a lineup change.

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You must be mistaken old bean. Keef has never made a mistake in his life.
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Did I say botch? I meant... errr, 'innovate'. Keith moves in mysterious ways.

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Japes aside, he really kind of does. In his ability to survive a legit rock'n'roll lifestyle obviously, but maybe even moreso in the ways in which he brings the weird textures with his weird tunings and off-kilter strumming style.

Not for the Rolling Stones the simple nursery rhyme chords of some of their contemporaries.
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Did heroin affect your music, for better or worse?

Thinking about it, I would probably say yeah, I'd probably have been better, played better, off of it I mean, sometimes people think they play better on dope, but it's . . . in actual fact, when I was onstage playing, or recording, and I was doped up, you know, and I listen to it now — I mean, sometimes I still have to play what I played then. "Right, I've gotta play this goddamn junkie music? Me? Now? I've been through it." And I still gotta play my junk licks. But I can't imagine what else I would have played, no matter whether I was drunk, on dope or on Preparation H — they sniff it, you know.

A Keef interview from 1981.

... we have Charlie Watts sittin' there, you know? He's the guy who doesn't believe it, because he's like that. I mean, he doesn't think that his contribution is as —


Yeah. There's nothing forced about Charlie, least of all his modesty. It's totally real. He cannot understand what people see in his drumming.

That's amazing.

I think so.
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Exile on Main Street is one of the greatest anythings ever.

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One of the all-time greats.  So much heart and craftsmanship.  Today's music just ain't got the same soul.  

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